Looking back at my 2017

Happy New Year everyone!!

I want to wish everyone on this great site a prosperous, motivating, joyous, and productive 2018. Having said that, I want to reflect on my time on WordPress from when I began and up until now. Starting this blog site in May I felt I needed to share the work I wrote in 2016 on a platform where I could connect with fellow writers, gain feedback, and become immersed in a community that shares my same love for writing. Even though, I didn’t reach my goal of having 150 post by new years eve, I look forward to reaching a milestone of 200 and many more after that. My plans for 2018 are as followed, creating and designing a poetry book, continuing to collaborate with a friend of mine who’s a visual artist and writer in hopes of donating our art together, possibly look into doing some spoken word, continuing to publish my poems on SpillWords and to keep reading. I look forward to uploading  visual art that compliments my poems on here once everything is said and done. As you already know my blog site is called Real Free – Flowing Words and I will continue to write content that is thought provoking, contains real life issues, and entertaining. Lastly, I want to shout out the writers who I’ve interviewed in the last 3 months. Special thanks to Kait King, Sylvester L. Anderson, ElanCharang, PoojaG of Lifesfinewine and Devereaux Frazier aka themarylandpoet of An Aspergians Chemical Romance. Hopefully many more interviews in the future. Once again happy new years and lets unite through the power and love of writing. #WRITINGUNITY2018 As always peace and love.

P.S. Check out my homies page who I spoke about earlier in the post @mycreativepatience. Just like me he has a lot of of poems in the vault so to speak and is uploading them now. So if you could swing by his page and read some of his work, that would be help his page grow and I hope you like what you read. I’m Out!



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