Announcement : my second poetry collection

  • Hello readers, I proud to announce that my second poetry collection “The burning gift in swollen darkness” is out on E book on Amazon for $4.99, but will be $0.99 from October 9th until October 16th. On the other hand, the paperback version will be out later this week and at the moment it’s going to be priced $10.99 because it’s a poetry collection in two volumes and the work I put into formatting and writing it I feel justifies the pricing. However, as with the E book I will be running a discount to purchase the paperback once it’s released and I’ll make sure to inform everyone when during my next post, which I hope to create this weekend. Lastly, I’m leaving below the Amazon link to the E book so you take a sample look.
  • (Copy and paste link to web page url)
  • Below is the cover art that excludes the back cover

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