Random City Mix (A Photo Collection of Greater Boston)

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Title : Red Whirlwind

Location: Porter Square, Cambridge Massachusetts  

Site description :If you were to ever visit Cambridge Massachusetts and make your way to Porter Square, you’ll immediately see this kinetic sculpture. It’s considered to be Cambridge’s most visible landmark.

Title : The Hyper Cypher 

Location : Lynch Family Skatepark, Cambridge, MA

Site description : This location even though a skate park is the secondary home for The Bridgeside Cypher, a Cambridge Massachusetts Hip Hop collective and arts organization. 

Title : Will it be weird if we reconnect?

Location : South Station Train Terminal 

Site description : I was in Downtown Boston and came across a payphone which is rare to find these days since we walk around with basically computers in our hands daily. We’ve certainly come a long way in terms of technology and come to think of it, some of us use to stop and make a call on these. 

Title : β€œEarly morning rising to the streets” – Sublime,What I Got

Location : Assembly Square Somerville : Assembly Row

Site description : I was sitting in the lawn of Assembly Row taking in the morning scenery and took this shot. Assembly Row in Somerville is a major retail and residential development located on the site of a former Ford assembly plant.

Title :It’s your time to shine.

Location : Starlight @ Central Square 

Site Description : This is the current home for the Bridgeside Cypher and many major events in Cambridge since its inception last summer.

Title :Raindrops keep falling on my head

Location : Central Square, Cambridge Massachusetts 

Site description : Walking the streets on a rainy day. 

Title : Bridging borders 

Location : Charles River, Cambridge looking towards Boston 

Site description : I was across the Charles River and took this snapshot as the sun was setting.  

8 thoughts on “Random City Mix (A Photo Collection of Greater Boston)

      1. No riddle…

        After looking at great pictures, the thought of a city’s organization came to mind, which brought my thoughts to an ant colony… but then an ant hill is covered… while a city has only the sky…

        Then my over active mind wouldn’t stop…

        I began to think of photographers, who seek out the ‘beauty’ of squalor in so called third world countries, so as to highlight for those having cocktails… (but every country has its own undesirable areas…) which brought me back to the ant hill… then across to the bee hive which is also organized… with the added attraction of honey, from which all have access… unlike in cities… where those living in squalor… have no honey…

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