Sonic the hedgehog film review

Jim Carrey saved this movie because the rest is forgettable. Back in the 1990’s Sonic, the hedgehog was the flagship character for SEGA from videos games, to merchandising, to animated series. Other than Mario for Nintendo, Sonic the hedgehog was synonymous with SEGA. I’ve had Nintendo and PlayStation consoles my entire life so I never […]

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Birds of Prey review

Margot Robbie portrays a likable maniac as Harley Quinn in her new film with a long-ass title “Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)” in the opening credits but for all intents and purposes it’s shortened to “Birds of Prey”. Anyways Harley Quinn is an eccentric, foul mouth character if you […]

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Bridges (Black History 365)

This painting was created by Norman Rockwell which depicts a six-year-old Ruby Bridges with U.S. Marshall’s as she makes her way to the then all-white William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans Louisiana. We’ve had many iconic black individuals who have made contributions and advancements to the civil rights movement during their adult life but […]

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A look inside MLK JR Day

We celebrate the day and life of Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr and everything he stood for when it came to gaining the civil liberties of black people and helping to end segregation, but there is something about him that had to change because his passive-aggressive mentality when it came to dealing with […]

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