Liebster 10 Random Facts about me

  1. Birthplace : Boston MA, Hometown: Cambridge MA
  2. 6 feet tall
  3. Enjoy all music Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Blues, Jazz etc… except heavy metal, country (Carrie Underwood is my only exception) Gospel, Grunge, Folk
  4. A typing speed of 60 WPM (Words per minute)
  5. Don’t drink or smoke cigarettes
  6. Have a Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences and currently about to finish my Bachelors in Marketing.
  7. Somali American
  8. Never been overseas but I will sometime soon I don’t know where yet.
  9. Cut my own hair
  10. Took out my first tooth when I a kid which was a moral. Also had cavity fillings.

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