Clocked in enslavement

  • Racism will never die, and apparently some individuals still want slavery to exist.
  • Readers discretion is advised – Strong language is used in my commentary

So, this news story begins in South Carolina and what I’m going to present to you will make you irate. Even though the perpetrator in this crime was punished, the damage to the psyche of the victim will live on forever. A white South Carolina restaurant manager by the name of Bobby Paul Edwards got sentenced to the enslavement and torture of a black employee who happened to have intellectual disabilities. The abuse began in 2009 at J & J cafeteria in Conway South Carolina. John Christopher Jones the victim in this story was forced by Edwards to work 100 hours without pay, was physically and verbally abused to the point where Jones was afraid to inform the police because Edwards threatened he would stomp on Jone’s neck and beat him so bad that he would be unrecognizable. With that said, Smith was denied lunch breaks, had to work extensive hours, belittled by racial slurs, and faced daily attacks by Edwards which resulted in Smith having to be carried home and taken care of from his tormentor on multiple occasions. In one instance Edwards beat Smith with a belt, threw pots and pans, and to top this sickening ordeal off he went medieval and dipped metal tongs into hot grease and burned Smith’s neck. Fast forward from when the abuse began to October 2014. A “concerned” resident and I put the word in quotes because I’m not too sure how concerned they were because the abuse was going on for years, and no one said anything. Anyways, he or she reported the abuse to the authorities. Subsequently, Smith was removed from the restaurant and he was relinquished from working at J & J. Furthermore, Smith was put under the care of the state’s adult protective services. In regards to that, Smith has a condition in which his intellectual abilities are significantly below average, but that didn’t stop him from expressing his nightmarish memories working there. Smith began working at J & J cafeteria at 12, cleaning tables and cooking after school. Enjoyment at the job was what Smith was accustomed to until he came across his walking nightmare that lasted half a decade. From then on he wondered when his clocked in enslavement would end.

What happened to this brother is sickening and wicked. There are probably similar stories throughout the country where white bitch ass colonizers abuse their employees daily and it goes unnoticed due to the fear of retaliation, but these victims need to find the courage to stand up for their freedom. In this case, Smith coworkers who I think were a part of Edwards family knew about it and probably perpetuated it even further. I likened them to the slave overseers who would inform the master about the slaves’ mishaps and remind them brutal punishment was awaiting them. They should of been charged for being included maybe not physically but turning a blind eye when Smith had been beaten, verbally abused, and forced to live in a dilapidated apartment behind the restaurant which was infested with cockroaches and this was owned by Bobby Edwards. Having said that, Smith was an easy target for this prick colonizer Edwards to torment because of his mental disabilities, but best believe me if he did that to someone else and I’ll allow myself a fellow black man to takes Smith role, I would have taken matters into my own hands immediately once this bitch ass colonizer had the idea to try his luck with me. I don’t give a fuck if he had connections to the Klan or knew some Rednecks that could find and beat my ass because I would go out swinging to free myself from the type of torture Smith had to endure. Now Edwards pleaded guilty to forced labor charges and was sentenced this past Wednesday to the magic number of 10 years that seems to be thrown around like in the case with hoe ass colonizer Amber Guyger who murdered a man. I believed he should have received life for all the pain he caused Smith and more for not abiding by the 13 amendment which clearly states that neither slavery nor involuntary servitude is permitted and will be severely punished. So for him to disobey the constitution, that should also add up to a life sentence for this asshole. That’s all I have to say about this story because it’s infuriating, but it needs to be told because like I said situations like this or something similar occurs throughout the country and goes unnoticed until the damage has already been done and a damaged psyche can be irreversible. Lastly, I’m going to leave a link to the article so you can see the smug grin this idiot has on his face during his mugshot. Leave a comment if you feel the need to, and follow so you can stay up to date with my future posts. As always, peace and keep it real.

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