What makes a high value man? (The keys to HVM)

What makes a high-value man? Is it his financial stability, how much money he makes, commitment to a successful relationship, appearance, success/accolades, charisma? The list of ways people determine a high-value man is long. So in this post, I want to explain and present two different perspectives in terms of what qualifies a man to be high-value and what high value men expect from the women they’re having relations with. Having said that, I want to state most of this post is informative, but I will sprinkle in my opinions. I consider myself an average joe who’s worked respectable positions from public relations, project management consultant, retail, salesman, and a few others. I’m always trying to better myself for success from my college days getting my bachelors in Marketing to receiving multiple certifications in Marketing and Business management, but even with all those books smarts, I wouldn’t consider myself a high-value man nor have claimed to be one to anyone no matter their status. You’re probably thinking what? You don’t consider yourself a high-value man? You must have some traits that deem you as one or you have a few things you do well that you can improve that can put you into the category of high value man. My answer to that is yes and no and in the second part of this post, I’ll go into detail on how I stack up to what is required to be a high-value man. With that said, I was inspired to write this post after following a YouTube personality that I’ve been following for a few years and I’ve learned from this professional and corporate image consultant who runs a Men’s Lifestyle channel on YouTube. His live streams about high-value men/women have been the craze in the black manosphere lately. The audience he draws in a lot is from black men and women but other races/ethnicities do watch and call into his show which is always interesting. Since he’s on YouTube and is public and on other social media platforms I don’t think I have to be discreet about his identity since he is a public figure on YouTube and Instagram. I’ll be leaving a link to his YouTube channel at the bottom of this post. Without further ado, below I’ll be presenting the 6 keys that constitute being a High-Value Man by Kevin Samuels.

Part 1: Mr. Samuels 6 Keys to being a High-Value Man

  1. Money – Being a viewer of his content he has repeatedly said on his live streams that “you can’t be high value and homeless. In addition, that would also apply to being broke. So when it comes to high value, Mr. Samuels preaches that having a set annual salary adjusted for where you live will cover that first step to being a high-value man. 
  1.  Length of time – High-value men must have a performance length of time which is usually 3 -5 years in their profession. 
  1.  Group Acceptance – Fellow high-value men need to accept you in their social and professional circles. 
  1.  Network – Once a man enters in High-Value status he will network and spend time with fellow high value men. This isn’t to say that they will disregard the people who they grew up with who are average joe’s or disrespect them for the life they’re living. 
  1. Visibility – Having a solidified and professional digital footprint online with a respectable position and income should all be LinkedIn level. This coincides with the Networking from Key # 4. 
  1. Utility – High-value men are useful to the group of high value men they’re in and others they can bestow their expertise too. 

      I remember watching Mr.Samuels broadcast once and had a man who called in that was a teacher and from the man’s perspective he believed he was a high-value man, but Mr. Samuels had differing opinions on it. Mr. Samuels believes the profession is without a doubt valuable but doesn’t have everything it pertains to being a high-value man. To be quite frank, I believe professors in the collegiate level teachers I’ve met and below college level have all 6 keys to being a high value man. However, the 1st key (Money) is circumstantial and depends on that individual’s background. 

Part 2: The General Consensus on High-Value Men 

  1. Emotional Intelligence :
  • Self – awareness: one’s own emotions, drives, personality, passions
  • Self – management: deferring pleasure, taking a power stance, grit
  • Social awareness: other people’s emotions and social dynamics 
  • Relationship management: building and managing positive relations 
  1.  Self Awareness + Self – Management: There is a difference between self – awareness, and self-management. When a man has self – awareness he doesn’t go around asking “what’s my passion” his entire life. And with self – management, they work to get there. This distance themselves from low – quality men who meander through life chasing to get high off drugs and booze without regard for tomorrow. With a persistent mindset, High-Value Men stop at nothing to reach their goals while still taking in the pleasures of life. 
  1. Social Awareness + Relationship: This is equivalent to self – awareness only outward when in social situations. Having strong soft skills will allow high value men to understand social dynamics around them especially when they’re looking for a romantic partner. They’ll need to establish who’s in charge, remain consistent with pursuing reflective partners who are cooperative and supportive. Relationship management will leverage social awareness to build a meaningful network and value – adding relationships 
  1. He Has a Purpose: When a man knows what he wants it takes a minimum amount of drive to develop a purpose. A purpose in the words of Simon Sinek means a man’s WHY. When a man knows his WHY he will have the confidence and determination to get what he desires. For example, look at James Bond as a charismatic and attractive man to women because he always seems to have a bigger pursuit to take on. He’s a thrill – seeking man who has foes to take down and with which makes him an unavailable man. In other words, people want what’s scarce to them.
  1. He takes care of himself  – It takes 7 seconds to make a good impression and people make over 11 assumptions about you once meeting you, so the appearance in terms of attire and physique is imperative to being a High-Value Man. Eating well, Exercising, and always learning and investing in oneself is essential to maintain successful outcomes. 
  1. He has high self – esteem – Self – esteem is not confidence, it’s different. Confidence ebbs and flows depending on the skills in a given field. But self – esteem stays. Self- esteems take into account the losses and weakness, while confidence is derived from strengths and weaknesses. 
  1. He’s not afraid of commitment – Whether it is a job/career, relationships, a project, or simply himself, a high-value man knows when to buckle down and stay focused to get the best outcomes of everything he sets his mind towards. By showing commitment he shows attention and respect instead of jumping from one thing to another. 
  1. He understands that women of value can choose – A woman should be an addition to a high-value man’s life, not the center of it. Hypergamy is real and women want to be with a man she sees compatible with and can lead her to better herself and himself simultaneously. 
  1. He takes responsibility – A high-value man needs to take responsibility no matter the outcome. To put it in a better context, there needs to be control in a high values man life in other words, Internal locus of control, and external locus of control. Internal locus of control means that you believe you are in control of your life. And External locus of control means you believe life events determine the course of your life and you don’t have control over them. Taking responsibility starts with your own life than outwardly by helping people improve just as you have (external) will bring success to a high-value man’s life. 
  1. He has his value system – High-value man indiscriminately accepts value from others. There is no shortage of people telling men how to behave these days: 
  • Religions
  • Women 
  • Parents 
  • Red Pill
  • This or that author 
  • Social Media 

 To conclude this post I want to state again that this blog post is mainly informative but it was sprinkled with my opinions. You can do with this information what you will. If you’ve made this far in the post, thank you, you’re a real one for taking the time for me to bestow this knowledge to you, and if you’re a man reading this extra kudos because this is something you’ll need to know. Personally, I feel like I possess some of the attributes to potentially one day become a high – value man in terms of the second part which was the general consensus on what a high – value man is. Anyways, leave a like and comment if you’d like to chime. Also give my page a follow so you stay up to date with future posts. As always peace and keep it real. 

Here a URL link to Mr. Samuels YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLjodVTY_kZzd3cQ7D82DhA

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