See and Feel (Wednesday Wisdom)

“Most times we feel ourselves moving in a direction we never expected and no matter how we want to pull out of those situations; our feelings keep controlling us. Be in total control of your life; don’t let your emotions be the determinant or judge of your actions. Let your experiences and senses be your […]

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The 80/20 rule

“When your goals are clear, you will come up with exactly the right answer at exactly the right time” The 80/20 rule is one of the most helpful concepts for life and time management. It’s essential in the fields of business and economics. The rule is also known as “The Pareto Principle” which states that […]

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We can’t live without…

Without sunshine, nothing grows And without rain everything withers Embrace every upcoming storm without flattering from its intensity Conquer challenges Become a student of your losses so you can comfortably celebrate triumphs We cannot live without any of these, so make the most of it with confidence

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