My top ten films of 2019

As we’re nearing the end of the year I want to present a list of my top ten films of the 2019. The imperative word in that sentence is my because art is subjective and what I find enjoyment in and find interesting might be different from you or someone else. Furthermore, as an person […]

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The friendship fumble

Why can’t we be friends, why can’t we be friends” – Smashmouth How do we define friendship? Do we believe the ones we consider our friends will always retain the traits we find admirable like loyalty, respect, reliability, empathy, resolve, resilience, etc… I could make a long-ass list but I’ll stick with these ones I’ve […]

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Everything’s mundane when the restless cannot comprehend reality. Your life as you know can become one big sleepwalk, and the scary thing about it is the people around you won’t be courteous enough to wake you from causing your demise.– TheRhymeRula

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The Irishman – Film review

This past October I wrote a post on the scrutinizing comments Martin Scorsese had on Marvel films and how he felt they didn’t have a place in cinema. Well,I still stand behind my defense of Marvel films being in their lane within cinema, even though they may lack the traditional qualities older generation filmmakers like […]

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21 Bridges-Film review

This movie will lock you into your seat until the truth behind it is revealed. I could describe the new crime thriller 21 Bridges with endless adjectives, but I’ll settle with these three, intense, suspenseful, captivating. 21 Bridges is probably going to be one of those under the radar films that does well in the […]

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