Evading the crossfire

I woke up this morning with a spade in my heart  Seeing forgotten people lying, dying on desolate trains the last sip fermenting on their breath I smile to both midnight blue stars  And lights of electric yellow at the beginning of day Barrels of brown sugar spilt on the kitchen floor  A criminal lookin’ […]

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What is honor, really?

“Desperation brings out the demon in the best of men” – Jin Sakai        Even though a fictional character this is a profound quote from Jin Sakai from the critically acclaimed PS4 game “Ghost of Tsushima”. He saw bloodshed and terror firsthand on his homeland the island of Tsushima Japan. Adversity created an unrelenting warrior spirit […]

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Pirates of the web

As information technology constantly improves digital piracy or commonly known as internet piracy constantly spreads and expands between the perpetrators also known as “internet pirates” and their consumers, who sometimes are not aware that the films, music, eBooks, etc.… were pirated. The internet has become a haven for this type of crime to exist and […]

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Every step counts

You’ve got to keep moving no matter the obstacle, terrain, climate, or distractions. Every step counts and every one of our daily journeys start with a little step, so appreciate the destination it leads you to because it always will be you that has control over your outcomes. -TheRhymeRula

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