She has it all

* Disclaimer – This is a poem is based off a real person but this is in no way associated or says anything that would shed a bad light on their image or reputation. This is strictly for entertainment purposes so enjoy.

She has it all

Her rich beautiful French vanilla skin glistens in the light as she turns her backside and shows off her 8 inch black stilettos
which causes all of her male viewers soldiers too say hello
She isn’t camera shy looking deep into the lens as she adjusts and cups her bra that hold her luscious breasts
Pressed together as she looks away from the camera
But returns a stare back with a huge smile that shows off her flair
Her movements are smooth and elegant
You would think she’s heaven-sent
Her outfit is an assortment of colors but prefers black
She feels that dark colors bring out her sexiness even more
But her beauty is in the core of her being
And nothing will ever change that
No outfit, No jewelry, No tattoos
As she takes one last look into the camera she blows a kiss to dismiss her audience
Because she knows she has it all

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