Inhale This Tale

You see Flame inhales the love Sweet Lucy gives him on a daily basis
As she takes him to many places and through many phases
That is just what he does always showing her exceptional love
Since they first meet as teenagers Flame felt attached but it wasn’t until he got his first batch he knew he met his match.
She would lift his spirits to ultimate highs you would think he was living on cloud nine
Together forever was written all over his eyes, he never told her no lies and that love for her would take him for an unexpected surprise
She would bring him wealth and fill his pockets until the cash started spilling
which was the greatest feeling and he could always stay chilling
But that all came to screeching halt that had our man Flame ready to jolt.
Morning approaches *Loud banging on the front door*
As he looks through the peephole and sees two officers
He runs upstairs to get Sweet Lucy and knew if he got caught he didn’t want to explain to them because he knew
she never caused anyone no pain
Climbing outside his 2nd floor apartment window he knew he could jump and make a run for it without making too much noise
What he didn’t expect was the cops to circle around
To see him sprinting
But here’s the thing Flame has had asthma since he was a kid and knew he had to get rid of the love he would always give
As his chest tightened he trips over a toy bike a young boy was playing with on the sidewalk,
Laying on the cold pavement he knew once caught he would have to give a statement
*That night* Waking up handcuffed to a hospital bed feeling drowsy from being pumped up with morphine
and suffering from dehydration he hears the doctor enter the room
As the doctor helps hydrate Flame, Flame starts to see that the doctor is looking over his medical chart
and thinks that his health could not ever the same
Hearing the truth hurts so he needed some comfort
You see all those years with Sweet Lucy did a number on his health which intensified his asthma to the
Point where his lungs were on the verge of becoming black but he knew that his love for her was always intact and if
they had to part ways he’ll remember how she always had his back.

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