What are you celebrating for?

*Disclaimer – This an entertainment piece and I’m in no way disrespecting the readers beliefs,opinions,values,or perspectives for this holiday or what’s going on in the country. On that note enjoy your Independence Day.

A day of celebration
but were still divided in a land that still has segregation
Take your notebooks out because class is in session so it’s time to learn a lesson
Racism, Poverty, Discrimination, Islamophobia,Police Brutality
I can on forever but I don’t want to raise your blood pressure
They call this the land of opportunity which it can be for some but you’ve got people who are still living in the fucking slums
Freedom isn’t free, it doesn’t matter if you Upper class,Middle class, or poor you’ll have to pay a fee as if you were taking the SAT
The question is what can you do to see some change from all the outrage that happens every single year?
Trade tears for cheers,Depression for Happiness,Phobias for Inclusion,and most importantly the mentality of enslavement for freedom.

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