Becoming New

This post shines on all levels!

lavender lilies

Along with all the wonders of our world, comes the most daunting question of all: How to be happy? Although the wisdom I have achieved throughout my close to twenty years on earth,  is not at all comparable to many others who have been victims to absolute tragedy. Never the less, there is a single hardship we have all experience at some point in our life.

How to achieve bliss. Bliss within ourselves, bliss between family members, bliss with nature. Human beings are on a hunt for peace, and eternal light.

On my personal journey to achieve happiness within myself and a greater appreciation for life, it is undoubtably impossible to achieve without a proper mindset. Waking up early in the morning is good. Take an hour or two for yourself. Have a big breakfast, but don’t just throw stuff in a plate, take the time to smell every ingredient…

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