An after school narrative

He was wishful as a school dismissal

Fast and destructive like an oncoming missile

A schoolboy menace with a smart ass presence always finding his way into detention

So he was given an afternoon present from his salt and peppered hair bun teacher to write every sentence in a dusty dictionary so he can he learn a lesson

Animosity filled his heart through every submission

Carpel tunnel started to build up and double through every muscle

All he could think of was baptizing this holy bitch to death so this Christ lover could be delivered to her savior gift wrapped and stamped

Dictation using cursive wondering for what purpose but just to hurt them?!

Every morning one thing was certain and that was the burden to write as she worshiped her father in the corner like a daughter

Suddenly the room got hotter

As she walked down his aisle with a sarcastic smile

His body tensed up as if he was standing on trial

The bell rings and summer begins so onto the 4th grade









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