Encapsulated by her muse

They took trips to extreme heights

But an accident left him devastated

So he stays up looking at the city lights where he first caught her sight

Her smiling face enters his mind with a candescent light every time he looks in front of the pizza shop where they shared their first slice

No matter the price he always made sure she looked nice

And when he buried her on a cold winter morning he remembered how she always took his advice on being persistent on her goals and dreams of becoming a famous writer

Nothing ever came in between

Two writers on the same team

Sitting under a crescent trading stanzas and stories

As the anniversary of her death approached he woke up with a lump in his throat as he looked at the calendar

Instead of succumbing to the pressure and slitting his wrist clean so he could be with his queen

He grabs his notebook and writes knowing that she watches on influencing him on how to stay consistent and persistent until the day he’s nonexistent.





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