Voices behind the words: An Interview series with writers, Interview #2 (Kait King)

  • After the first interview I did with writer Elancharan Gunasekaran I decided to make these interactions a series. Having said that I’m presenting the second interview I conducted with prolific writer and published Author Kait King. I’ve been following her work for sometime now and she is one of my favorites to read on WordPress. It was a pleasure learning more about her writing process , her perspective on writing, advice for writers, and some fun questions outside of writing. So now I leave you with this…


Interview with Writer Kait King

Q: What inspired you to start blogging, and when did you begin it?

Kait: I had a bit of a life changing incident in 2013 which made me have to re-invent myself if I wanted to live some semblance of a life rather than just survive.  Writing was cathartic.  I started the writer’s blogk in 2015.

Q: What is your writing process like, do you handwrite or type a draft? Or do you think of a theme and immediately start typing?

Kait: When it’s poetry or just an idea or line or lyric – it always starts on paper.   When I write stories they just need to be written, almost urgently, as I mold the characters or a scene.

Q: How would describe the current state of poetry and should schools emphasize creative writing and poetry in english curriculums?

Kait: Oh for sure, there seems to be a rejuvenation in poets and readers of poetry.  Poetry is allowed to be anything so people don’t need to think of it as the old style of writing but a new form of expression and a passing on of knowledge through words.

Q: What are your favorite book genres?

Kait: Hmmm …. that’s tricky, as I have become older I’ve become more eclectic in my choices but I love a good thrill and I don’t mind being “disturbed” – perhaps as I already am 🙂

Q: When you’re not writing how do you spend your down time?

Kait: I have two beautiful bunnies, Walter and Miss Bumps so I spend a lot of time gazing at them and cuddling 🙂

Q: What advice would you give to new bloggers who are in your niche?

Kait: Write, write and write some more…

Q: Where is the furthest you have ever traveled and how did you enjoy that experienc

Kait: I have been extremely fortunate to have travelled the world extensively and have lived in different countries.  For me though, South Africa is my number one spot!

Q: Would you ever considering publishing your writing, and if you have how was the reception and reviews?

Kait: I have published, yes, and it is not easy to get reviews for books.  It is best to take a give and take approach.  Offer to review someone else’s book in order for them to review yours, then there is a mutual benefit.

Q: What is your favorite movie of all time/last movie you have seen?

Kait: My favorite movies – as there are two…The Silence of the Lambs and Dumb and Dumber.

Q: If you could describe your writing with one word what would it be?

Kait: Raw



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