Fill in the blanks

Trying to fill in the blanks that stay dormant in my spacious mind

From behind a riot of atomic ideas fight to be released onto a page

but I become hesitant and rewind kindly

So once I fast forward my rhymes will remain grimy

Inspired when I’m immersed in chapters filled with love, anger, hate, fear and disaster

As I close my eyes I can see ideas rush through

I’m eager to capture them and put it to good use

Like Pecola wanting blue eyes to see her life turn brand new

I still need to fill in these blanks!

Wishing for ideas to submerge and rise so they can flow effortlessly through riverbanks

Everyday I see fellow writers upload multiple publications

and it makes me frustrated that these blank thoughts are my ruining my concentration

but hey it looks like I wrote enough to fill in all the blanks

So if my ideas are ever stagnant

I’ll return and make this a sequel

and share it will my people





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