I can’t let it slip away

These days I’ve been constantly contemplating

what if everything I worked for slipped away?

Feeling off balance as I watch myself become a stranded castaway

A fire melts away my heart as I yearn to cross the finish line

Needing to stop things from slipping from my mind when it’s time for action

Diamonds in the dirt are too far away with very few in-between to hold onto

So I’m going to dig through to the depths of the earth until my hands become bloody

Unable to caress them and enjoy this moment of victory because the blood causes all of it to slip away

and don’t get me started about dreams

One moment they’re vivid, next my memories of them slip way into oblivion with no way for a return

I know that you slipped away into new territories

There’s been so much damage caused by your absence

A beautiful dark appearance with nothing but dead ends in sight

So next time I’ll make it “Easy” for you to return back to your rightful home



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