Zoo (Unleash from the cage)

via Daily Prompt: Zoo

I’m in a zoo called America trapped in a cage called the hood
Every ones cage is different but we must remain resistant
There is no way to break free from the struggle or unleash ourselves from the manipulation and segregation (Yes it still exists)
So lets take over the zoo and govern it ourselves!
Not having to worry anymore about being censored for our truths
because these zoos also carry youths who need to hear this too!

They feed us lies and deceptions
To keep us in control
Made to believe that a division is all we’ll ever know (Race, Religion, Wealth and Class)
So it’s time to reject and throw back all the hate and discrimination that causes our hearts to stay cold
It’s time for all of us to unleash into a stampede, even though chaotic we’re free to unite with love and find liberation without any limits.





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