Starving artist #2

Check out my homies page for more of this awesome free verse poetry. Straight Bars!


I sip venom on rocks spit acid on canvas/

My stanzas depict images of a Titans clashes/

Mercy’s absense, from my heart led to grotesque actions/

One swift of my pen will dissect factions/

Slipped the reapers grasp though I had near brushes/

So I’m cautious watching the enemies unspoken discussion/

Eyes says it all, so I hear the beast silent roars/

Plus in the art of war I’m Van Gough with swords/

Rather Michelangelo and beef in the Sistine chapel/

My portfolio increases as I send 16 at you/

Murderous mosaics of my foes decaying/

Corpses rigornortis, the burgundy pavement/

Gallery of tragedy, I’m like Warhol in the factory/

Weapons are drawn just to cause more casualties/

My Calvary only consist of four horses/

All moving at the speed of darkness/

We focus on moving targets like still pictures/

Read revelations thought I’d fulfill the scriptures/

Mold my soldiers…

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