A nationwide calamity needing liberation

  • 2nd posted collaboration with Patrick of @mycreativepatience, with more to come
  • I wrote the 1st verse
  • If you haven’t checked out our last one Majestic Muse please do
  • This piece is kind of long so take your time reading it and please don’t rush into liking or commenting on it, that is if you only have anything constructive to say. Thanks and Peace


Verse 1: RhymeRula (@Real Free -Flowing Words)

As I sit back feeding energy to this pen

A silent roar helps release the beast from its den

My mind is reluctant to tame the anger that’s roaring from within

so for now I’m going to let it be,


Liberation is the mission to allow not only me

but my people from continuing to be placed six feet deep from centuries of brutality,

Fists raised as an assembly occurs for a change

while faces like mine keep returning to locked cells

with a harsh sentence for non – violent drug offenses

chasing that elusive crown to rule corners

Eventually becoming victims of the game


Concrete pavements stained with split blood and names of the “prey”

A reoccurring cycle built into a maze for the “predators” to hunt and walk away,

Mollifying the anguish and grief by compensating the pouring tears

so the attention on them can quickly retreat,

Nightmares of the slain appear constantly throughout nights

so it’s hard to sleep when you know they have you defeated


The caged bird has been singing the same song for centuries

eventually finding it exhausting to develop a plan to fly away

and find true freedom,

Doing it’s best to persevere throughout all the chained limits

On course to finding an army to help rejuvenate all the tired wings with endless unification

Who have enough energy to fly away

Towards a goal of relinquishing

the subjection and hold of the oppressors,

but with every needle in a haystack you’ll find a group of ignorant coons!

(You heard that right)

who’ll make their presence known

with statements that would make you think

that Amerikkka has them under a mind control

as they continue to build a new slavery in prisons as a new home,

If only we could dream of a governing a new nation of our own

and perceive liberation as a not an illusion but a foregone conclusion

Changing the flag into red, black, and green

gathering the largest team, the country has ever seen

So the revolution has got to be televised as I turn around and ask

my brother to pass me the remote so I can turn up the volume and analyze

The ending of a nationwide calamity



Verse 2: Patrick (@mycreativepatience)

Nationwide calamity

All this insanity is maddening

Keep your hands up high because one wrong move

and your life could be out of luck,

Friends can turn into enemies within a span of minutes

So in this moment my pen is only thing I can trust


My minds abroad so I’m swimming within the leak of this pen,

I can’t stand the attendance of governmental decisions,

Why society is split in many divisions?

Why politicians focus on what’s the vintage?

when they should be focused on fixing the society that we live in,

Why so many hungry men, women, and children,

The higher classes need to stop ridiculous economical spending,

Its reality! look at the statistics this cold world we’re existing in,

Did I forget to mention that we’re “fishes” in this ocean of “sharks”

Some pessimists needs to be beaten senseless,Β 

lower down the gate so they can come to their common senses,

Let’s help create a society that helps unify human existence,

Let’s rise and co exist together so we can help make our world a little better


There’s too many lying

A list of the most wanted are still in hiding

Mourning for the unarmed lives that keep dying because they weren’t complying

Get high so we can ease the times, socialize, and replay our actions the next day

My pen is the angriest it’s ever been as I leave you with this message

with no return to sender if offended

as I stare at my watch that stopped ticking patiently waiting and wishing for the suffering to end



Photo credit – John Hain

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