Rough ‘ N Smooth

  • I’m not good at drawing so I stick to writing and photography but recently I wanted to draw something even if it’s simplistic. From my understanding, even the simplistic visual art are revered i.e. abstract ones. Anyway this two characters I created is something I might want continue to working on in the future but as of now, here’s one poem from one titled “The Rough Mischeif“.
  • Strong Language is used so “Reader Discretion is Advised

By : The Rough Mischief  

I’m fed up wit’ retrograde rejects 

Squash and flick y’all ass out like gnats 

My papers straight like 4.0 on report cards, no errors 

Uncut, lyrical dope, certified by my scale

Leavin’ ’em upside down fiendin’ for new shit 

Reacting to a fools conspiracy, like Mr. Clean does residue

Wipe ’em fuckers clean across the surface swiftly

Staying hungry from Sunday to Sunday like Al Bundy 

Keep ya sights set  

Hey! Look this way 

Glazed eyes stay confused from fever dreams

Shakin’ you wit’ nightmares 

Can’t stay centered

You begin postponing  plans to test the ferocity of my vendetta (C’mon let’s do it!)

A rough mischief 

In my eyes, everything gets graphic quickly 

First impressions lessons 

A burnin’ joint hangin’ from my lips, 

Every word is cinematic 

Socked up runnin’ across carpets 

Greetin’ you (Hi) with systematic static

Callin’ star 69 ’cause I gotta prove to this bitch I’m firmer than average 

I went backwards, forwards, uphill, downhill, chills, spills, thrills 

Cold feet set in as my hands tremble

The ink is dissolvin’ on the ledger faster than the pills for heaven’s sake (shit)

Rhymes joined without weak points

Hookin’ up to one another like skeleton joints 

The doorbell rings as I try to finish my point

What do we have here, college boy 

He calls himself a smooth student (Aight niggah)

You ’bout to set the stage so let’s get down to it

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