Starting Point

I can’t start 

Words elude me

There’s no way to be thoughtful with an empty brain 

We all know the dead leave their feelings behind 

I know it’s rough 

Facing a foggy path but I keep going 

Confrontations with the unknown

No time to phone home

It’s time to face the challenge alone

Profiles replete with words 

Striking a cord

Concentrating on a rhyme, 

Backspace and deleted

Something must be written today, 

I stave off not losing my way

I know distractions are ubiquitous

But it beckons my attention 

Where am I going with this?

Writings gotta help me out of this consternation 

But alas, my words are still hidden, 

And I’ll keep searching ’til I’m forgiven

Who am I kidding, we’ll keep sinning

Coming up empty, no cause for concern 

I’ll find a way to make the words turn

Creative ideas will soon return 

A poem, rhyming, just the way I like it

Even with the most simplest theme 

Let your mind stream and beam in glee

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