About Me

TheRhymeRula” is a published and frequent contributor to literary website Spillwords, and looks to publish with many more publications sites. It wasn’t until he was in college taking a creative writing course that gave him the opportunity to write stories in the form of short stories or narrative poetry which is his favorite one to write even to this day. Ever since then, he took writing seriously. When it comes to his artistic influences he can’t single out one because he perceives the writers that he communicates with and works that he admires as his influences. He has gained so much knowledge from their writing styles, their “voice” in writing, and their consistency and commitment to writing poetry are what give him the motivation to keep expressing himself. When it comes to having his work praised or recognized he has a motto that he lives by, “I can live without the recognition, if that means I can gain peace from continuing to write my submissions. He hails from Cambridge, MA.