via Daily Prompt: Carve Use the sun as a benchmark a horizon to brighten the path you carve out for yourself crave to find a passion that is everlasting and do it with conviction Any job big or small do it right or not at all even if you might fall stand up tall and […]

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Once it’s all over

Silence falls suddenly And fog shrouds a friendship My hands are covered in splinters from gripping onto the final brittle straws Our loudest words lost in a thunderstorm Searching for ways to reconcile the blaring drama, As a new day begins Sunshine beams my focus onto Snakes in the grass caressed by deceit, Entering the […]

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Something in me died

The night is strange and cold with strong winds that stir the will for me to survive but my fears run rampant for the unknown I guess something died in me something once beautiful my heart weeps  unashamedly Years past without relief I no longer seek old passions and this dusk loathes me just as […]

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The burning Amazon

Habitats destroyed Irate flames forgotten fast Awaiting for air If you’re not privy to this … The Amazon rain forest is burning at an insane rate. The Amazon not only produces much of the Earth’s cultural and biological diversity, but is a vital source of oxygen and carbon dioxide production and balance. Additionally, it also […]

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