Don’t make me regret it

Fall in love with your problems Maybe they’ll leave you too It’s become strenuous to starve my distractions in order to feed my focus but it must be done Many succumb to the withdrawal of familiar desires And it’s funny how they try to move on but at the same time, hold on The world […]

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Clocked in enslavement

Racism will never die, and apparently some individuals still want slavery to exist. Readers discretion is advised – Strong language is used in my commentary So, this news story begins in South Carolina and what I’m going to present to you will make you irate. Even though the perpetrator in this crime was punished, the […]

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Terminator Dark Fate Review

This film was such a disappointment. I didn’t enter watching Terminator Dark fate with high expectations, or any expectations whatsoever, because I became aware of the movie coming out less than a week before its release on November 1st. Now after seeing it I found the film to be a lackluster effort which didn’t have […]

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If nothing else

A lot of shit broke me but fixed my vision read that again I’ve realized Even the people who betray you were part of the plan We cannot stop chasing things we know will destroy us in the end but we continue to do so As we spend our days trying to survive until the […]

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The chicken craze

Why bring it back if you knew all this madness was going to happen again? Who doesn’t like some delicious fried chicken that has the right spice, seasoning, and succulence? The consensus to that opening question would be probably a majority of you readers unless you’re a vegetarian or vegan. Anyways, I brought up that […]

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Awaken and organize the ones that are and were lead astray from all that time being asleep during the struggle. © TheRhymeRula

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I dare you to say it

They can’t be serious.. So, my home state of Massachusetts has thought of proposing a new bill that is completely absurd and I believe won’t see the light of day. This proposed bill says that calling someone a “Bitch” can lead to jail time, six months to be exact maybe more if you excessively use […]

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