via Daily Prompt: Carve Use the sun as a benchmark a horizon to brighten the path you carve out for yourself crave to find a passion that is everlasting and do it with conviction Any job big or small do it right or not at all even if you might fall stand up tall and […]

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“Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own”. – Bruce Lee

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Dirty blue sky

She felt the skies swell and clouds that held memories crowd against her Admiring her brand new denim jeans Contemplating on whether to tear the seams to show off her kneesRelaxing on the edge of her car Unfazed by the change in weather Winds howling with unrelenting pressure to undress her mid pose The resolution […]

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Flow forever deep

I return to the basics, 101, My pen dictating the release of a caged hurricane Ingesting anger and pain as an appetizer We walk in each others path Anticipating who will budge first and in which direction, I’d rather accept and shiver at the cold truth Then receive warmth from “cozy” lies, It was H.E.R […]

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