Every step counts

You’ve got to keep moving no matter the obstacle, terrain, climate, or distractions. Every step counts and every one of our daily journeys start with a little step, so appreciate the destination it leads you to because it always will be you that has control over your outcomes. -TheRhymeRula

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I love reading and writing, every week I collect books on my walks. You’ve probably heard the saying “Reading is Fundamental”, well it is truly a vital fundamental skill that will always be in every facet of our lives. Reading is one of the first skills we learn as a child and it is one […]

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Go for it

Do you and do it with confidence. As long as it’s not going to hurt people around you and the ones in your life and is legal, then do it without being perturbed by the comments and questions they have for you. Don’t leave your life by the dictations of others, because no one dictates […]

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The Age of Apologies

Most times, it’s okay not to listen to people’s opinion, because no matter what you do, people will always find reasons to pick on you and cancel you at the end. We have this going on today with the rampant and adverse energy of “Cancel Culture”. The last time I checked we have the first […]

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