There is no safe zone

You can’t call nowhere safe Maybe you’ve heard about the news story about the Texas police officer (Aaron Dean) taking the life of 28 year old woman Atatiana Jefferson. If not, I’ll fill you in. This is the second that I know of home invasion killing done by a cop and yes I said home […]

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You’re dead my dear

Storm warning lighting strikes tombstones charging undead smiles and scowls I witnessed her rise An inky black mirage that I couldn’t look away from Fully blackened eyes held my attention captive as I watched her lower her head Tears began staining her once beating heart I wondered what saddened her but She remained silent, her […]

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Joker movie review

It was okay… This is my first time doing a movie review so I’m going to get right to it. If you haven’t seen the newly released film Joker don’t worry I’m not going to spoil anything for you, but still go out and see it while you can still can. Anyways, like I said […]

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I got royalty in my DNA

The place where civilization began is neglected of DNA research that is much needed. Let’s keep it real, no one wants to be excluded in something that they should be a part of. 54gene a recently established African genomics company in 2019 by Dr. Abasi Ene-Obong has come to the forefront of advancing and revolutionizing […]

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