The burning Amazon

Habitats destroyed Irate flames forgotten fast Awaiting for air If you’re not privy to this … The Amazon rain forest is burning at an insane rate. The Amazon not only produces much of the Earth’s cultural and biological diversity, but is a vital source of oxygen and carbon dioxide production and balance. Additionally, it also […]

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Begin again

Cotton ball clouds tear apart from one another Until the sky is naked blue Everything needs distance, But don’t fret They will soon make their return In the meantime Hold onto god’s unchanging hand, A ravishing scenery to complex to describe in words, The setting sun Finally loses its early day scorching intensity, Now I […]

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Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth. You can bring so much to the table, but feel like you’ve wasted it all by someone spoiling your offerings. ©TheRhymeRula

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