Second life

One minute after the other, Street light for a spotlight,  Cardboard box for a stage Whispering conspirators  He has been witness to the eyes of men without an orator  And focused hard on internal strength and not hating But he knew Weak words were heavy in a poor man’s  heart The sweets he wished for, […]

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“Five on the mind” : Real Free – Flowing Words Podcast–A-conversation-on-the-Big-Five-Personality-Traits-e1476mf Hey readers, this a recent episode I did with a friend on the Big Five Personality Traits. Take a listen and if you gained some insight from this, then give it a like, rating, and subscribe wherever you listen your podcasts on. As always peace and keep it real. Click on the link to […]

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Yesterday and Today

Is it me or are days going by too fast? As yesterday became today we recount our actions  As today moves into the tomorrow, the past becomes vast A blast of nostalgia excites me and will always last Make the present time well spent  And as the future comes along it’s time to plan and […]

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Wise man and hope

The world is chaotic. There are lawless marauders, spreading pain and suffering, as the sky burns. But in these dark times, we must never abandon hope. When the world is not good enough, we must find goodness in ourselves and each other. That’s where our strength comes from and we must be strong to bring […]

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