The passion of the procrastinator

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Big bad procrastination 

Can become hard to stave off 

It leads us far away 

From where we want to be

Though our minds may wander 

We can find our way back to the starting point

With strength and persistence 

We banish procrastination’s attack 

Our focus will come back

Our goals are still in sight

We push away doubt

And make procrastination take flight

But be prepared to eliminate it 

When it lands on the mind again

There’s no need to lie to yourself, I bet you procrastinated on creating daily content for this site. Don’t sweat it, we’ve all been there, and procrastination is especially “painful” when you’re a perfectionist. And don’t get me started with deadlines, whether they’re set for you or you set them for yourself. That group project and term paper you dreaded in college may be a thing of the past but you’ll still feel pressure on this site before hitting that “Publish” button. Therefore, you procrastinate until you believe things are “right”. With that in mind, don’t let that discourage you, you’re on this wonderful site with fellow bloggers who are lenient and are waiting for you to bestow your work. Moreover, the plus is that they’re not as demanding as your professor, but the criticism from your followers can still be present with every post, so be prepared for that. Lastly, I see procrastination as the nemesis of ‘happen’, nothing can get done with stagnation, so let’s all get moving and leave procrastination by the wayside. Whatever it may be, procrastination may seem comfortable but that comfort has its repercussions. Don’t be a “Pro” in procrastination. Remain a novice because there aren’t many benefits in withholding things that need to get done.

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