Another scoop

Her happy wide smile  Turned frozen with a frown  As she watched in dismay  Her melted pleasures drop on the scorching concreteĀ  But the day wasn’t ruined, only the moment  There is always more out there  To indulge in  Now, wipe away those salty tears  And get up But remember to be careful and grateful […]

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Remain strong ‘N release it

Come to your senses from the false pretenses Fighting over rights to bear defenses  Another news coverage of a demonstration We bring to you tonight, mass mayhem Anomalies solemnly aroused by calamity Death strikes and another darkened soul takes flight  Resting on the shoulders of past infamy Desensitized by the sensationalized Where do we go […]

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Don’t get too attached   Because elation can quickly die  I can only control my efforts Heavy blows from the lows  I need to remain upright  Even if the UNKNOWN is ready for my downfall No matter what life can create  Be prepared for the worst While enjoying all its worth In the end we’ll realize […]

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