The Invisible Man review

Even though the antagonist in “The Invisible Man” might be unseen, the fear he creates permeates throughout the film. He is everywhere and sometimes nowhere. This kind of suspense prepares the viewer to experience a quiet buildup and then all of a sudden it grabs your attention even if you expect it. The Invisible Man […]

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Awakened (Wednesday Wisdom)

We physically awaken every morning but the body is just a vessel that will perish with our souls and minds. We must let go of excess energy that will not enhance our future. Preoccupy your mind to peak cognitive performance in whatever way possible and this will thus create wellness and mindfulness because at that […]

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Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou (Black History 365/Women’s History Month)

Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou (In honor of International Women’s Day) Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size   But when I start to tell them,They think I’m telling lies.I say,It’s in the reach of my arms,The span of my hips,   The stride of my step,   The curl of […]

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