A new list

In detention  The books slams down to a random page  An essay due in two hours  The dictionary his nemesis Every word Strained his mind and wrist  Oh well,  Hi carpal tunnel in the 3rd grade In the midst of a new sentence he tried to make a fist  But struggled The pain wouldn’t subside […]

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Forever foilage

Hello there forever foliage  Nature grows gently  Even though the clouds are dominating the sky Sun shines nearby  I’m tryna avoid the commotion in my mind   But you what? I know that Wonderment is in motion as every day passes by

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Study the struggle Tests need to be completed Triumph through seasons Photo Credit – Francesco Ungaro

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better timing

“Time waits for no one. We wake up, go to work, and get on with our lives thinking we have enough time to do that “important task” until the deadline slaps us hard. Otherwise, we push it too far. Even we submerge ourselves in aimless activities, completely forgetting about that, thinking “I can do that […]

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Finding zen

Lose the preoccupation Fleeting thoughts want to desperately return but resist it so you can reset to nothingness Both the struggle and serenity require zen How you find it is up to you Even though challenging It can be accomplished And with that, we will be Satisfied to look for more

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