Daily Prompt: Static (Unknown faces)

via Daily Prompt: Static

Staring into the eyes of unknown faces

that weren’t from around these places

they left behind a case as bait to see if someone

was brave enough to go for a taste

Walking towards us

I could sense static with every breath they took

Sizing us up as I noticed one

carried an automatic in his waist

with an erratic look on his face

Knowing that we’ve ruined their sounds of revelry

Nightfall quickly arrived as we had no point in lying

Trying our best to placate these strangers with an explanation

Cooler heads eventually prevailed

as we sat there and slowly exhaled

These unknown faces weren’t from around these places









via Daily Prompt: Carve

African statue carve.jpeg

Use the sun as a benchmark

a horizon to brighten the path

you carve out for yourself

crave to find a passion

that is everlasting and do it with conviction

Any job big or small do it right or not at all

even if you might fall

stand up tall and go back

to discovering what matters to you and go for it

I’ve found mine carving down rhymes with a swift mind

so I can set stories free

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