“Five on the mind” : Real Free – Flowing Words Podcast

https://anchor.fm/therhymerula/episodes/Five-On-The-Mind–A-conversation-on-the-Big-Five-Personality-Traits-e1476mf Hey readers, this a recent episode I did with a friend on the Big Five Personality Traits. Take a listen and if you gained some insight from this, then give it a like, rating, and subscribe wherever you listen your podcasts on. As always peace and keep it real. Click on the link to […]

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Elation (Wednesday Wisdom + Poem)

Learn to live  Live to laugh  From the bottom of your heart and gut To tears pouring from sockets  The amusement is oh so satisfying  Even though it might be difficult  See the brighter side of it all when consumed with gloom  ‘Cause it’s waiting for you to notice it’s radiance  And accept your elation

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If it fits you, wear it

People like this get bent, let them! They love drama and the opportunity to turn things around. Possibly they more than likely have a guilty conscience or they think you’re deliberately calling you out, so be it. Let them think it’s there for them to see. Some people never learn a lesson until it’s put […]

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