No fillers zone

Welcome readers and Happy Fall, A lot of us are guilty of using verbal fillers in our everyday speech such as, Um, Uh, You know, like, and so forth. When used seldomly itโ€™s not bad but frequent usage can be an annoyance to your listener. This can cause them to become distracted by it and […]

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Real Free flowing words podcast : “You gotta zoom in” an episode on zoom Dysmorphia–An-Episode-on-Zoom-Dysmorphia-e1783ld I don’t post the episodes to my podcast that often on my blog site but I want people who have never been informed about my podcast to check it out. It’s the audio version to my written blog work on here, or more formally called a “Reformatted Podcasts”. Lastly, I want to add a […]

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Live without…

A sickly appetite to please His soul’s fair temple defaced He’s filled with a desire to be invited Past reasons hated, but he still swallowed their bait Love and lust are deadly enemies Outrunning the eyes that prevent his haste Feeding oblivion with the decay of things Uncertainties now crown themselves assured However, he still […]

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Willpower (Wednesday Wisdom)

โ€œIn the absence of willpower, the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless.โ€ – Aleister Crowley In other words, do your best to have the willpower to endure the discomfort because you’ll become accustomed to its challenges, and what once was formidable will become routine. With no willpower, nothing you do will […]

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