silent spin

Start where you are  Use what you have  Do what you can  To the best of your ability Concentrate on your silent spinning world  Because the best creations happen in serenity

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Living to suffer

In the memory of Hip Hop Legend DMX Questioning journeys Feeling vexed from confusion But through all the adversity, on the other side You will have the opportunity to flourish in peace

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Some make it a routine to swallow their downpours The alleviation initially feels strong and great  However, relentless adversity will return with vigor  Coping mechanism will continue to be sought after But what happens when there’s no longer access to them?  Will you persevere through the turmoil or wither away into a state where despair […]

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Troll, Troll Everywhere

I’ve recently read an article on internet “trolls” and that’s what this blog post and free verse poem is about, so I hope you enjoy it. Comment if you would like to chime in because I know almost all of us have experienced an internet “troll”. Link to article below Welcome readers,  Our everyday […]

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Small Details

Focus on the smallest details  Of this repeating world we live in The people we cross by every single day But which we have never met before And the things we have seen  But never really saw before  So fill your thoughts with only a grateful state of worthiness And tomorrow will not be just […]

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So delightful

Satisfaction the goal Some are looking forward to more But some have lost the opportunity  Due to being deep in the dirt or cornered in cells The latter doing their best to gain it back They know, in whatever way  Even if it’s inevitable The pain needs to be alleviated  Give a toast, even if […]

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Rough ‘ N Smooth

I’m not good at drawing so I stick to writing and photography but recently I wanted to draw something even if it’s simplistic. From my understanding, even the simplistic visual art are revered i.e. abstract ones. Anyway this two characters I created is something I might want continue to working on in the future but […]

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Live without…

A sickly appetite to please His soul’s fair temple defaced He’s filled with a desire to be invited Past reasons hated, but he still swallowed their bait Love and lust are deadly enemies Outrunning the eyes that prevent his haste Feeding oblivion with the decay of things Uncertainties now crown themselves assured However, he still […]

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