Another day awaits

I don’t have no baby no one t’call me honey I don’t have no baby All of ’em left without tellin’ me goodbye Our contact as silent as a black and white film wit’ no replies I got a pocket fulla money Worn shoes that trekked thousand of miles But I ain’t found me no […]

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Stay deep

I can hear simpletons argue at the surface level They’ve become accustomed to systematic deception and corruption I can’t turn back it’s now or never  As I sink back into my childhood fears  Fears of becoming a victim to the depths I’ve tried my best to overcome  But it’s comfortable down here where clarity is […]

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Freedom Flight

Captive and lost in time  A prey to a chain link oppression  Freedom to reach everywhere and at any time was once a formality Pain and courage silenced by cold steel  Blessings of a spring gust  Brought momentum to push forth from the adversity  Now this flightless bird has awoken now To begin once again […]

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Awakening from the infinite worldwide perplexity Warnings signs left and right Relinquishing the hold on what limits me, binds me, and controls me Out of the cradle as I and many once crawled out of Finally learning to walk along our own paths As we endlessly navigate towards wherever the light shines

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The universe dashboard

Past the stars I see warning signals flaring in the universe’s dashboard In 3, 2, 1 Nukes drop on impoverished streets and as far my eyes can see all is empty No sign of anything resembling life Bouquet of daisies stuffed in rifles Bullseye on every target giving away sweet goodbyes Words of caustic nonsense […]

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Try and stop me

This is one of the poems from my 3rd upcoming Chapbook. Even though this is written in first person this is an unnamed narrator I created after looking at an photo. The “I” in this piece is not me, but it can apply to me and many others. They say all good things must come […]

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Something turned love into ego And somewhere ego turned love into nothing Some waste their sunsets on people who leave them by sunrise Drama equals downfalls People say a lot, so I watch what they do I’m sick to my soul with a disease called overthinking and cures have been futile in my lifetime Know […]

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Do not disturb

Always hope, but never expect From conception to our demise It should be no surprise that we all grow through what we go through Anyone can love a rose but it takes a lot to love a leaf We take the exuberant gifts of life over everyday simplicity There are no trophies for being a […]

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Don’t make me regret it

Fall in love with your problems Maybe they’ll leave you too It’s become strenuous to starve my distractions in order to feed my focus but it must be done Many succumb to the withdrawal of familiar desires And it’s funny how they try to move on but at the same time, hold on The world […]

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