Elation (Wednesday Wisdom + Poem)

Learn to live  Live to laugh  From the bottom of your heart and gut To tears pouring from sockets  The amusement is oh so satisfying  Even though it might be difficult  See the brighter side of it all when consumed with gloom  ā€˜Cause itā€™s waiting for you to notice itā€™s radiance  And accept your elation

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Mr. Malcontent

Torn to pieces deceased friends can never read my thesis  A half full glass on the table  A silver warm tear shed  The rest saved for tomorrow  Nothinā€™ is left unwritten  I kept a paper trail so it ainā€™t no mystery  Got the confidence of nerds in an exam room  And the vulnerability of a […]

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Yesterday and Today

Is it me or are days going by too fast? As yesterday became today we recount our actionsĀ  As today moves into the tomorrow, the past becomes vast A blast of nostalgia excites me and will always last Make the present time well spent  And as the future comes along itā€™s time to plan and […]

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Evading the crossfire

I woke up this morning with a spade in my heart  Seeing forgotten people lying, dying on desolate trains the last sip fermenting on their breath I smile to both midnight blue stars  And lights of electric yellow at the beginning of day Barrels of brown sugar spilt on the kitchen floor  A criminal lookinā€™ […]

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Go for it

Do you and do it with confidence. As long as it’s not going to hurt people around you and the ones in your life and is legal, then do it without being perturbed by the comments and questions they have for you. Donā€™t leave your life by the dictations of others, because no one dictates […]

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ā€œPassion, it lies in all of us.  Sleeping, waiting, and though unwanted, unbidden, it will still open its jaws and howl. It speaks to usā€¦ guides us.  Passion rules us all. And we obey. What other choice do we have? Passion is the source of our finest moments.  The joy of love, the clarity of […]

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Say hello  Say goodbye  I’ll reciprocate whatever you give me If we cross paths donā€™t be soulless, meek, or jaded   We canā€™t help but continue to sin everyday for pleasures And afterwards strip our conscious by finding meanings through confessions  You only feel embarrassment when caught So either be sneaky with it or fess up […]

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Spirit Sucker

Digesting brewing storms before dawn Feeble vibrations sink you to submission Full off spirits that never cause a reflection you can comprehendĀ 

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