The Brickman (short story)

The Brickman “C’mon man just play me in one game, if you win I’ll buy you a beer and if I win you buy me a beer and pay the bet,” Doc said  “Man I don’t drink, and I don’t play no damn chess, I play sudoku ‘cause I’m all about the numbers homie”  “I […]

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Instead, do this.

When worries and stress spin your mind around, Focus all thought on what is true On what makes your spirit feel whole If unknowns fill you with dread Recognize that there’s good ahead Even if you can’t control it all Shift your energy to what you can create ‘Cause peace and joy are not a […]

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Another scoop

Her happy wide smile  Turned frozen with a frown  As she watched in dismay  Her melted pleasures drop on the scorching concrete  But the day wasn’t ruined, only the moment  There is always more out there  To indulge in  Now, wipe away those salty tears  And get up But remember to be careful and grateful […]

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Remain strong ‘N release it

Come to your senses from the false pretenses Fighting over rights to bear defenses  Another news coverage of a demonstration We bring to you tonight, mass mayhem Anomalies solemnly aroused by calamity Death strikes and another darkened soul takes flight  Resting on the shoulders of past infamy Desensitized by the sensationalized Where do we go […]

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don’t be so thirsty

Evaluate every option before making a final decision, because it will be costly and no one likes to live with regret. – TheRhymeRula  Evaluate with care  Each detail must be weighed  Don’t leap to conclusions

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A confession in black velvet

Staring out the window  The black velvet night sky was extremely alluring Silence overpowered by an echoing confession It permeated my mind as I opened the blinds  3AM staring at a drizzling chill  On a rain-streaked window I exhaled remnants of a joint  My vision momentarily obscured  Accompanied by a sunken heart Its rhythm beats […]

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