Cardinal love

The topic of this post came to my attention when one of my “Facebook friends” posted a link to something I thought would be interesting to share and I felt it would bring some light and positivity in these difficult times we’re going through. I want to state the words below are not mine and […]

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Is Influencer Marketing Under Threat? Should Micro-Influencers Be Worried?

In this post I’m going to explain the rise of influencer marketing and the possible dangers that may let it fall. But first, let’s talk about why influencer marketing is so important for many people and brands these days. Why is influencer marketing so important Influencer marketing is synonymous with two other forms of marketing […]

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Awakening from the infinite worldwide perplexity Warnings signs left and right Relinquishing the hold on what limits me, binds me, and controls me Out of the cradle as I and many once crawled out of Finally learning to walk along our own paths As we endlessly navigate towards wherever the light shines

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Awakened (Wednesday Wisdom)

We physically awaken every morning but the body is just a vessel that will perish with our souls and minds. We must let go of excess energy that will not enhance our future. Preoccupy your mind to peak cognitive performance in whatever way possible and this will thus create wellness and mindfulness because at that […]

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Begin again

Cotton ball clouds tear apart from one another Until the sky is naked blue Everything needs distance, But don’t fret They will soon make their return In the meantime Hold onto god’s unchanging hand, A ravishing scenery to complex to describe in words, The setting sun Finally loses its early day scorching intensity, Now I […]

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Life’s exam

Life is the most difficult exam. Many fail because they try to copy others, not realizing everyone has different tests with different questions and answers. One cannot copy success. One can only try to make their own by studying not only their own movements in life but others in order to stave off failures. © […]

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Look for more

Straight down the rabbit hole I must wonder how far I’ve fallen off my path Lost without any latitude or longitude The truth sticks to my skin like dry leaves on concrete after a storm Thump, thump, colliding of course If only Alice would’ve warned me how painful it could be Keep ya head up […]

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