The Brickman (short story)

The Brickman “C’mon man just play me in one game, if you win I’ll buy you a beer and if I win you buy me a beer and pay the bet,” Doc said  “Man I don’t drink, and I don’t play no damn chess, I play sudoku ‘cause I’m all about the numbers homie”  “I […]

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In the K(now)

Read the bold for the hidden message It’s K(NOW) or neverThere will always be upsides and downsides to L(IF)E To prosper is to first suffer Never minimize the process, Enjoy the success when (You) have earned itIt is easier said than done But you gotta stay (Read)yOn some 8-mile shit (This) is a one-shot opportunity(You) […]

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Small Details

Focus on the smallest details  Of this repeating world we live in The people we cross by every single day But which we have never met before And the things we have seen  But never really saw before  So fill your thoughts with only a grateful state of worthiness And tomorrow will not be just […]

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So delightful

Satisfaction the goal Some are looking forward to more But some have lost the opportunity  Due to being deep in the dirt or cornered in cells The latter doing their best to gain it back They know, in whatever way  Even if it’s inevitable The pain needs to be alleviated  Give a toast, even if […]

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