In the K(now)

  • Read the bold for the hidden message

It’s K(NOW) or never
There will always be upsides and downsides to L(IF)E
To prosper is to first suffer
Never minimize the process, Enjoy the success when (You) have earned it
It is easier said than done
But you gotta stay (Read)y
On some 8-mile shit
(This) is a one-shot opportunity
(You) will have obstacles in the way
But with determination, they will be overcome
Remain diligent
Never dormant
So you can continuously enjoy life’s (Won)ders

A limb has fallen from the family tree 

  • This poem is dedicated to the memory of my good friend known by his family and friends as “The Josh”.

Disbelief sets in 

I can’t stand still 

Bodies converge on my personal space 

To get on this train

I know it’s not their fault

But it feels personal 

‘Cause the following days will never be the same 

Countless dialogue through the years 

A lot pleasant, dare I say riveting 

And some contentious 

But the bond remained solidified 

A fallen brother,

The best fallen voice I will always remember 

A limb has fallen from the family tree 

Your homies will remember you lived life with conviction 

You’ve connected souls that will carry your enthusiasm 

No matter how succinct

No matter how busy

No matter how tired 

No matter how frustrated 

No matter the issue 

Your homies will be present for one another 

‘Cause know this 

We will all depart from this plane of existence one day

But our remnants of life will remain 

So the ones we leave behind 

Can celebrate our name 

And history will burst 

One love and until we reunite 

Rest easy

So delightful

Satisfaction the goal

Some are looking forward to more

But some have lost the opportunity 

Due to being deep in the dirt or cornered in cells

The latter doing their best to gain it back

They know, in whatever way 

Even if it’s inevitable

The pain needs to be alleviated 

Give a toast, even if it’s to yourself 

‘Cause no matter what it is

We all one day will experience 

Lessons of a fulfilled life in images of delight

Photo credit – Yoshitaka2

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