Welcome to Hempfest a.k.a The boston freedom rally

This past Saturday I attended my fourth Boston Freedom Rally Aka Hempfest, an annual Educational Cannabis and Music Festival held in Boston Common, Boston MA. Massachusetts Cannabis Reform (MassCann) is a non – profit public education organization working for the moderation of Marijuana laws. The event happens annually on the third Saturday in September and it’s a festival that’s been happening for the last 30 years. Moreover, MassCann advocates through their campaigns for Cannabis reform laws and social justice for minorities communities who are unjustly incarcerated for the usage of the plant. Furthermore, MassCann also campaigns for the legalization of hemp agriculture expanding medical marijuana programs and moving the regulation of the herb out from under the drug war armory of mandatory minimums, asset forfeiture, license confiscation, urine testing, and so on (Cited from MassCann site). This is a succinct explanation of the event background, for more information check out the website link below.

Title: Chillin’ Monument Side 

Location: Boston Common, Boston, MA

Photo description: People on top of Soldiers and Sailors Monument, enjoying a beautiful day out while smoking herb.


Photo Location: Boston Common, Boston MA

Photo Description: People and I walking through the cannabis vendor.

Title: Vendors Part 2

Photo location: Boston Common, Boston, MA 

Photo description: Walking through festival vendors 

Title: Grass Seats

Photo Location: Boston Common, Boston, MA

Photo Description: Looking at the main music stage. Some people and I were listening to keynote speakers talk about MassCann and Cannabis information.

Title: Dire Sloth

Photo Location: Boston Common, Boston MA

Photo Description: I’m not familiar with the band Dire Sloth, but I did enjoy what I heard and will look more into them.

Title: Hilltop 

Photo location: Boston Common, Boston MA

Photo description: On top of the Boston Common hill, next to the monument 

Title: Main Stage 

Photo location: Boston Common, Boston, MA 

Photo description: Looking towards the main music stage 

Title : Hazy

Photo Location : Boston Common, Boston, MA

Photo Description : Looking down at the smoke filled festivities.

The Story of Sarah Rector (Black History 365)

After the civil war, reconstruction, and what would subsequently become Jim Crow laws, slaves in the south were freed and lived as free Americans but still experienced disenfranchisement and some had difficulty prospering financially. However, I’ll be presenting in this episode the story of a young black girl named Sarah Rector from Taft Oklahoma who came upon a fortune that changed her life forever, but she had obstacles standing in her way.

Sarah Rector was born in 1902 in Taft Oklahoma and came from humble beginnings but she later became the wealthiest black girl in the country at the age of 11. Her family was African American members of the Muscogee Creek Nation in Indian Territory. Rector’s grandparents had been enslaved by Creek Tribe members, but once the Civil War ended, they were entitled to land allotments under the Dawes Allotment Act of 1887. Furthermore, when Indian territory integrated with Oklahoma territory to form the state of Oklahoma in 1907, hundreds of Black children who were referred to back then as “Creek Freedmen minors,” were granted 160 acres of land.

Rector’s allotment was located in the middle of the Glenn Pool oil field and was initially valued at $550. A few years later in 1911, her father decided to lease his daughter’s piece of land to a major oil company to help pay for the property taxes. And in 1913, everything would change.

According to Searching for Sarah Rector: The Richest Black Girl in America by Tonya Bolden, an independent driller struct oil that started to bring in 2,500 barrels or 105,000 gallons per day. As a result, Rector, still being an owner of the land, began earning more than $300 a day (which is equivalent to about 7,500 a day in our time).

It was inevitable with all the fortune she received that she would attract attention. Rector began getting national attention from newspapers all over the country. For instance, The Kansas City Star published the headline, “Million to a Negro Girl – Sarah Rector, 11-year-Old, Has Income of $300 A Day from Oil”. Additionally, another newspaper, The Savannah Tribune, published the headline, “Oil Well Produces Net Income – Negro Girl’s $112,000. You have to understand a black person making that much, especially at that young, would cause eyebrows to raise and white America wasted no time in relinquishing her fortune. 

As mentioned, sadly Rector’s fortune would be interfered with by the law. There was a law at the time that required Native Americans and African Americans who were citizens of Indian Territory to be assigned a “well-respected” white guardian. As a result, Rector’s guardianship was turned over to a white man named T.J. Porter. 

However, reportedly W.E.B Du Bois and the NAACP got involved to protect her well-being and fortunately were able to be successful with it. Rector, later on, to own one of the first Black-owned auto dealerships in the country, and reportedly enjoyed her wealth until she died!

I dare you to say it

  • They can’t be serious..

So, my home state of Massachusetts has thought of proposing a new bill that is completely absurd and I believe won’t see the light of day. This proposed bill says that calling someone a “Bitch” can lead to jail time, six months to be exact maybe more if you excessively use it and a hefty fine ($200), all courtesy of this new proposed legislation from a Democratic lawmaker. I know what you’re thinking, what?! Well, a bill titled H3719 an act regarding the use of offensive words and words such as “Bitch” states that language like this should be considered a disorderly conduct violation when it’s used to annoy, degrade, or demean another person. Here’s the thing, like I said before I think this won’t see the light of day because people are going to use the word regardless whenever in frustration, annoyance, anger, or possibly in a degrading way because circumstances caused them to us it (fight, argument, road rage situations, etc…). Everything we say has to be understood in context. For example, some women call their “girlfriends” “Bitch” to compliment one another or such which is whatever to them. However, when a man refers to them as such it’s considered offensive, so there’s a border between the two so to speak when it comes to determining the intent behind the message, and who is saying it. In my latter example, it would be demeaning, but I highly doubt that a woman would have a man arrested because he called her a “Bitch” and hurt her feelings (Maybe,*coughs* Feminazis). If that were to ever occur then that would sound like some Kindergarten shit (“Ooh I’m telling”). In this hypothetical scenario, if she were so offended maybe a smack to his face would suffice and give her closure. Furthermore, if this proposed bill is passed, it can and will infringe on the U.S. constitution which protects the first amendment of Freedom of speech. HA, if passed, I’m shaking my head writing this. I’m not the only who thinks this laughable bill has no chance in being passed, the states Republican party had their takes on this situation. “Beacon Hill Democrats like @repdanhunt are fearlessly taking on the biggest problems facing the commonwealth”. Even though this tweet is full of sarcasm, it echoes my points on how minuscule this “problem” is and that this is going to be forgettable very quickly. In regards to that, there are bigger issues to be focusing on within Greater Boston and further out in the state of Massachusetts. Moreover, community service worker Takiyah White was the constituent who asked Democrat Dan Hunt to file the bill. So whoever was privy to this news story, thank her for being the catalyst to this absurdity. She states that “I hear the word used every day, and I’m hurt by it,”. She adds by saying that there needs to be a legal penalty for using that word. “Simply telling people they shouldn’t speak that way is not good enough. At the very least, using that word is harassment.” This woman, in my opinion, sounds like a Delores Tucker type who was a gangsta rap critic going up against the likes of 2pac, Snoop Dogg, basically all of gangsta rappers in the 90’s who used words such as Bitches, Hoes, etc… Do I think this bill will pass, no, but crazier things have happened in the past when it comes to laws being made. And if it somehow does pass, people will still say it, maybe this time while running away from the law lol. That’s all I have to say about this, leave a like, comment if you feel the need to and follow so you can stay up to date with my future posts. As always, peace and keep it real.

Source article – https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/10/23/calling-someone-bitch-inmassachusetts-could-lead-jail-time-new/

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