What a thrill

  • Source material for this piece is Michael Jackson’s Thriller
  • For my 300th post I wanted to go big with a legendary song and my take on the song and iconic music video. Enjoy

Through the graveyard

Emerging from the tombstones mist

Limping on loose limbs

Staccato zombies step

to a midnight symphony

A thriller no mortal can escape

Hunger grows

Their horrid faces moan with slim dripping down the chin

Her eyes frozen to witness the horrors taking place

She’s a fleeting image

With nowhere else to run but an dilapidated house

Their blood hunt intensifies

as the bloodless moon shines

Cornering their prey helpless

They see she’s ready for death

Skeleton hands grab her to take her on a dark fantasy flight

Awakened to normalcy

His towering image

a mirror without reflection

Faceless death

Consuls her from her fears

but you see he’s a dream weaver

creating nightmares from her memories

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Milestone recap (200) – A look back at the first half (Part 2)

  • This is a continuation in a two part entry as I take a look back on my journey to my recent milestone of 200 posts. As of now this is post 204.
  • From posts 149 -100


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Post titles:  (Imagine every time 108, 2 lines, 7 words 107, We rise together 106, Succubus 105, I’m not for sale 104, Good morning world 103, As the winds change it brings a summer sigh 102, Made it here (The Big 100), 101, After Hours 100)


Milestone Recap (200 Posts) – A look back at the last half (Part 1)


Post titles: (Erratic 199, Expanding 198, An invaluable composition 197, Beneficial 196, D.T.R.C 195)

workplace-1616459_960_72020180508_150553infinity colorfulSunset sea

Post titles: (Encounters 194, Erasing desired conversations 193, It’ll remain infinite 192, The choice is yours – make the most of it 191)

Face plant streetsinterview-2071228_960_720sky-space-dark-galaxyGreenspan-Boston-Marathon-Memorial

Post titles: (Accumulation 190,  VBTW interview # 12, 189, A shining replacement 188,     26 miles and running –  Boston strong 187)

cog-wheels-2125169_960_720interview-2071228_960_720Elizabeth-Catlett - Invisible Man photolove_hatemother-woman-tree-earth

Post titles: (Configure 185, VBTW interview #11 184, The end was in the beginning 183, Denounce and Defend 182, Mother nature is in trouble, 181)


interview-2071228_960_720violet flowerabstract-aqua-art-302733(1)supermarket-949913_960_720.jpgThe hands that covered his screams

Post titles : (VBTW interview #10 180, Blossoming under grey skies 179,  C.A.L.L 178,           I saw Emmet Till at the grocery store: A poem by Eve L. Ewing, 177A handful afterlife, 176)

Sad girlpexels-photo-97076.jpegwhats-next-1462747_960_720.pngpexels-photo-998850sunrise-9-13-05-1408830.jpgchess-2778818_1280

Post titles: (Bursting the “crazy” bubble 175, New blue lines 174, Outcomes 173,             F**K you Monday, 172, A chance to win 171,  Many moves 170)


man-1519667_960_720interview-2071228_960_720PainThe-Walk-Home spillwords photo.jpginterview-2071228_960_720Energized

Post titles : (The ones 169, VBTW interview #9, 168, Pain 167, The Walk Home 166,       VBTW interview #8, 165, Energized 164)


fist-681847_1920majestic muse picdmitry-ermakov-119243interview-2071228_960_720WiicajB2_400x400Night Woman - Garon

Post titles: (A nationwide calamity needing liberation 163, Majestic Muse 162, Absence 161, VBTW interview #7 160, Their dead souls wont let me grow featured SpillWords post 159, Boundaries 158)



Post titles: (VBTW interview #6, 157,  Re- Kindled A Heart 156,                                        Burning pages 155,  Blink of life 154, Chasing numbers 153, Grief Street 152,                         The Remedy 151,   Blood into ink (make them think) 150)


  • #Onmywaytoamilestone was what I would hashtag on Twitter once I knew I had 10 posts left to reach this milestone. I’d like give praise to all the people who I’ve interviewed on my writer interview series (you know who you are), the frequent readers (some who like but don’t follow, not sure what that’s all about) and the publishing journals that I’ve submitted to that gave me that “unfortunately” speech of rejection, which is a blessing but a momentary misfortune. My takeaway from these situations is that, if I fed into a defeated mindset I would not be here at this milestone and would have gave up with writing all together which is what “THEY” want me or (you) to do, and that will NEVER EVER HAPPEN. With every “door” that closes,  there’s another one to knock on. The one that always has its”door” open is SpillWords which I’m a frequent contributor on the site, and I’m grateful to have had a featured post on the front page. Hopefully another one in the future. Anyways, here is to another hundred with more exemplary, thoughtful and raw content that I’ve been producing since I’ve joined WordPress. PEACE and MUCH LOVE,
  • Part 2 will include a look back at the first half (100 – 150) since this one is (150- 200)

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