capture the night

Once more upon a midnight dreary I feel as if my thoughts are dormant The cold empty symptom of lost wisdom Wandering through the deep darkness  I look up at the sky Stars stab each other to make room In a crowded night sky, disconnecting the big dipper  Contemplating as I walk, aware but jaded […]

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A Minute Trail: Cityscape Photo Mix

Title: Break time  Location: Bedford Depot, Bedford, MA  Photo Description: After arriving at the Bedford Depot which is the last stop on the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway in Greater Boston, I grabbed lunch with a friend and took in the scenery with this photo.  Title: Depot Chillin’  Location: Bedford Depot, Bedford, MA  Photo description: This is […]

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Freedom Flight

Captive and lost in time  A prey to a chain link oppression  Freedom to reach everywhere and at any time was once a formality Pain and courage silenced by cold steel  Blessings of a spring gust  Brought momentum to push forth from the adversity  Now this flightless bird has awoken now To begin once again […]

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