A Minute Trail: Cityscape Photo Mix

Title: Break time  Location: Bedford Depot, Bedford, MA  Photo Description: After arriving at the Bedford Depot which is the last stop on the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway in Greater Boston, I grabbed lunch with a friend and took in the scenery with this photo.  Title: Depot Chillin’  Location: Bedford Depot, Bedford, MA  Photo description: This is […]

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Freedom Flight

Captive and lost in time  A prey to a chain link oppression  Freedom to reach everywhere and at any time was once a formality Pain and courage silenced by cold steel  Blessings of a spring gust  Brought momentum to push forth from the adversity  Now this flightless bird has awoken now To begin once again […]

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The African Green Gold

Mother nature takes no breather Challenges are enforced daily Rain drops shimmer Tasting and swallowing old earth for new if only it was true The rain falls hard On bare ground, Intoxicating the air with new smells But will Mother Nature continue to allow the birds to sing with a feathery flame? Or for frogs […]

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An invaluable composition

The spring afternoon warm wind flowed into my open window projecting a dry palatable aroma, border lining sour if swallowed whole. Doing my best to preoccupy my mind deep within enriched chapters awaiting for the next one to begin. As I began to walk towards the window, I stared intently at the trees that helped […]

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