Suffering With Power

The young (Anakin) wish to give their elders (Jedi’s) the full benefits of their inexperience. Once exhibited it will either culminate to their demise or their rise to power, but that power will ultimately be used for the greater good or destruction. – TheRhymeRula 

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I love reading and writing, every week I collect books on my walks. You’ve probably heard the saying “Reading is Fundamental”, well it is truly a vital fundamental skill that will always be in every facet of our lives. Reading is one of the first skills we learn as a child and it is one […]

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Actively Listening

It’s more beneficial to be attentive, receive, and comprehend what’s is being said to you so your response will be more valuable, and will resonate with the person you’re conversing with. One aspect of communication I’ve learned in management class in college is active listening which is a way of learning through conversation. This requires […]

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