Face the Feedback

Welcome readers, When one gets vague feedback on how they should conduct themself in their personal and professional life, their ego takes over and they become defensive. It’s understandable and totally normal, but it’s not their fault they would react that way. In fact, this type of feedback even if it might not be constructive […]

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Deep rest

What’s your thoughts on this? Leave it in the comments. Like and follow this blog so you can stay up to date with my future posts. I’ve got a poem/blog post in the works that should be published in the next two days, so stay tuned for that, anyway as always peace and keep it […]

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Suffering With Power

The young (Anakin) wish to give their elders (Jedi’s) the full benefits of their inexperience. Once exhibited it will either culminate to their demise or their rise to power, but that power will ultimately be used for the greater good or destruction. – TheRhymeRula 

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