RFFW Podcast : You can never HIDE from SELF : T.F.S. (TRUTH, FALSE, SHADOW SIDE)


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RFFW Podcast ,Who got next? : An episode on the rise and fall of the And 1 brand

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real free-flowing words podcast : It never ends unless… The ugly truth about Micromanipulations


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Real Free Flowing Words Podcast : Breaking Free : A review on Brainwashed Challenging the Myth of Black inferiority

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Alasan kamu harus membuat podcast untuk bisnismu

Wake up world and listen! : A podcast recap of 2021.

Welcome readers, 

2021 has been a good year for both my podcast series (Black History 365: The Throw Down & Real Free – Flowing Words) Podcast creators know that their content needs to be engaging, consistent, relevant, and the most important component memorable. In regards to this, every podcast you’ve listened to has had something that attracted you to it, and if it’s something that is enjoyable and adds value to what you’re seeking, you’ll continue to listen and recommend it to your peers. Having said that, I would be lying if I said I don’t review the analytics for both my podcasts. I think everyone should consistently monitor it to see what they need to improve on so they can bestow the best quality content their listeners will look forward to weekly or monthly. Furthermore, some might find it incredulous that they aren’t seeing growth and I understand the frustration but if your mindset is fixated on that, your content will suffer because you might come up with all sorts of ways to appease your listeners that’ll stray away from the theme of your podcast or in other words, the relevancy. Anyway, I want to share the analytics to my podcast as a way for readers here that are podcasters or want to start one, understand that people will be listening worldwide and with every upload. The world is your stage when it comes to podcasting, all minds will connect with your content. Whether it’s a positive or negative reception, in the end, it’ll leave a lasting impact for them to leave satisfied for more or disconnect forever, but new listeners will always come knocking to enter your “podcast door”. 

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Black History 365: The Throw Down Streamed very well in 5 countries during 2021 

  1. South Africa 
  2. Kenya 
  3. Canada 
  4. Sweden 
  5. Singapore 
  • 42% of my listeners listen to my podcast between 5 AM and 11 AM, making it the most popular time. 
  • Episodes range from 5 to 10 minutes so a quick history lesson is given that is succinct and easy to listen to. Across the last 32 episodes, 192 minutes have been recorded. 
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Real Free – Flowing Words streamed well in two countries

  1. The United States of America 
  2. Ireland 
  1. 41% of my listeners tune in to Real Free – Flowing Words between 11PM – 5AM. 
  2. 238 minutes of content has been produced across 20 episodes. 

Real Free flowing words podcast : “You gotta zoom in” an episode on zoom Dysmorphia


  • I don’t post the episodes to my podcast that often on my blog site but I want people who have never been informed about my podcast to check it out. It’s the audio version to my written blog work on here, or more formally called a “Reformatted Podcasts”. Lastly, I want to add a link to an article for any of you new podcasters or seasoned ones. It’s on the seven types of podcasts formats, and best believe yours is one of the seven mentioned. Click the URL to read.
  • Use the URL to listen to the episode. As always, peace and keep it real.
Zoom dysmorphia: Record increase in plastic surgeries during work from home  | Deccan Herald

There’s always a new feature: Do you take advantage of them?

I’m guilty of not paying too much attention to new features that WordPress offers but as of lately WordPress has come up with intriguing features and one of them that I’ve been using has been Anchor and I have turned the blog work I’ve done here into Podcast. By creating a podcast it will give people the chance to listen to the audio version of my blog if they decide not to want to read the written version. Furthermore, the best thing about it so far has been implementing episodes I’ve recorded into the written posts I’ve done. If you’re a new viewer/visitor give it a listen and hit the subscribe button Spotify to stay up to date with my future episodes. I will provide the blog posts that have the audio version on them below and the name of the podcast on Spotify for you to check out. 

Check out the podcast links on the blog posts below:

1 . https://realfreeflowingwords.blog/2021/03/07/does-money-really-bring-you-freedom/

2. https://realfreeflowingwords.blog/2021/03/13/a-solo-delight/

3. https://realfreeflowingwords.blog/2020/06/15/what-really-matters-analysis-on-black-lives-matter/

Search Real Free – Flowing Words on Spotify or wherever you listen your podcast on.

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