What has been your contribution?

Thank you for contributing your attention to this post. Reading this quote sounds straight forward right? Well, it is, but I want to add more to it. To me, it is sort of underdeveloped and doesn’t include examples of how people can contribute and ways their contributions can either work for the better or in […]

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Every step counts

You’ve got to keep moving no matter the obstacle, terrain, climate, or distractions. Every step counts and every one of our daily journeys start with a little step, so appreciate the destination it leads you to because it always will be you that has control over your outcomes. -TheRhymeRula

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Go for it

Do you and do it with confidence. As long as it’s not going to hurt people around you and the ones in your life and is legal, then do it without being perturbed by the comments and questions they have for you. Don’t leave your life by the dictations of others, because no one dictates […]

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