They see you now

The truth that is buried by lies will eventually find the strength to rise to the surface. It may take time, but time is all the truth needs to break free with its revelation. – TheRhymeRula Man, I can think of endless adjectives to describe the powerful and poignant Netflix miniseries “When they see us” […]

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Desert crossroads

The war for everyday survival has a new playground, In the past he found being surrounded by light as a blessing but now life is a burning gift in swollen darkness His dark cloak wraps his languished bones The desire to continue to reach the end of survival in time has his hunger for victory […]

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Make ’em feel it

I came across this pin on a coat at my job. It’s some positive reinforcement to do better even when there are self haters in the black community and detractors that bring the message down. There’s plenty of love and hope to go around, even if they don’t want you to show it. “The man” […]

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Connected to wondrous worlds of free expression, Craving much needed comprehension to the circling nonsense, but he can’t be greedy because there are still naive minds to this horrid vision of everyday hate His knees have become exhausted holding the weight of solidarity in the presence of bigotry And still he remains in the same […]

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Protect your peace against impractical movers. The people you call your friends can turn to adversaries who’ll do nothing more than to stab you in the front and back, and then finally claim the wound is no longer there because the pain is gone. – TheRhymeRula ©   These are my ThursdayThoughts due to not […]

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Wild eyes turn rapidly during REM I continue my search for a muse in erased dreams, The morning presents me a humid day that causes barometers to burst on sight, Nothing changes except my thirst for a relief, Birds descend for a taste in a puddle from the previous days flood, Salvaging the last taste […]

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