Digesting the Red Pill : A review, commentary, and analysis on the documentary

Disclaimer: This blog post contains some sensitive material that some might not agree with. Reader discretion advised. It will consist of my commentary, a review of the documentary “The Red Pill”, and an analysis of “The Red Pill” community in general and the people who implement the mindset into their daily lives. The opinions I […]

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We didn’t need a year like 2020 to humble us and the globe. It’s easier to claim to be something that you don’t act upon or have shown consistently. So, observe, listen, understand, and act accordingly. Remember you’ll always get back the energy you give out to someone. – TheRhymeRula “Be humble and never think […]

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Even the closest people in your life are unaware of the layers you’re not ready to unfold to them for them to see and understand. – TheRhymeRula

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Say hello  Say goodbye  I’ll reciprocate whatever you give me If we cross paths don’t be soulless, meek, or jaded   We can’t help but continue to sin everyday for pleasures And afterwards strip our conscious by finding meanings through confessions  You only feel embarrassment when caught So either be sneaky with it or fess up […]

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Three Faces (Wednesday Wisdom)

The first face – This is the face that you present to strangers, acquaintances, coworkers, etc… Each one of these types of people serves a purpose for being in your life for a specific reason (coworkers and acquaintances) and the ones you pass by on a daily basis (strangers) are ones you have to adapt […]

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I am sorry (Collaboration poem)

Aston Kamunde, @https://astonkamunde.wordpress.com/ featuring RhymeRula of Real Free -Flowing Words Check out Aston’s poetry blog to read the wonderful poetry he expresses on WordPress. You will not be disappointed and make sure to give him a follow so you can continue reading his great writings. PEACE and MUCH LOVE   (Aston’s Stanzas) She wanted to […]

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Erratic behavior on your part or someone else’s part will lead to trouble and a potential falling out. Choose your words wisely and only act when you’re fully prepared. Every action causes a reaction and you’re only subtracting from the additions you can bring to your life by making excuses for the pain inflicted on […]

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Bursting the “crazy” bubble

Photo credit – it’s me neosiam, She would inhale irrational fears that gripped tight and wouldn’t let go,                                Feeling the oxygen evade her lungs with every squeeze As it suddenly sets off a panic attack galore, An abused mindset that found no choice but to act defensive When called crazy, Battling valiantly daily to eliminate the […]

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