We didn’t need a year like 2020 to humble us and the globe. It’s easier to claim to be something that you don’t act upon or have shown consistently. So, observe, listen, understand, and act accordingly. Remember you’ll always get back the energy you give out to someone. – TheRhymeRula “Be humble and never think […]

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Don’t start sh*t

“To the idle and small-minded person, gossip is sweet. It is funny how we are quick to share bad news about others. Even more shocking is the proclivity of some people to jump into any damaging story about another, and spread the tale”. – Unknown 

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Resistance (Wednesday Wisdom)

“Society is collapsing, and people are starting to recognize that the reason they feel like they’re mentally ill is that they’re living in a system that’s not designed to suit the human spirit. – Unknown  We face resistance in every facet of our lives, name anything you tried to do and there is resistance. Applying […]

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The chicken craze

Why bring it back if you knew all this madness was going to happen again? Who doesn’t like some delicious fried chicken that has the right spice, seasoning, and succulence? The consensus to that opening question would be probably a majority of you readers unless you’re a vegetarian or vegan. Anyways, I brought up that […]

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The Wanderer

Collaboration piece, co written with Aston Kamunde at My contributions are in bold Sometimes I wonder if anyone’s watching how despair torments  the lone wanderer      Under the quiet moonlight   a currency of shadows   encircles him   sinking him deeper and deeper   the surface of life is on the verge […]

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It’ll remain infinite

Witnessing the infinite birth of a new night, Resting my weary head dreaming for us all to see better days, But many setbacks have become a hindrance, In disappointment I’ve noticed depictions and statements of self hate on all levels, Tuning into the recurrence of young lives being perished onto concrete deathbeds while dried blood […]

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It seems as if every time I think something is complete There is some bullshit accumulating underneath the surface, With that said the accumulation will commence, I’ve realized repeatedly that complacency can lead to a heavy burden on your conscious, We remain unaware due to constantly being surrounded and distracted by nonsense, Perplexing questions with […]

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Voices behind the words : An interview series with writers (Interview #12, Jonah Finn of Crime Poetry)

Welcome readers to another entry on “Voices behind the words: An interview series with words. This is the 2nd time I’ve had a trifecta of writer interviews on this series. The other time was in February. I digress, this time around I spoke with the poet Tim Miller, who has begun writing crime poems under […]

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