What a thrill

  • Source material for this piece is Michael Jackson’s Thriller
  • For my 300th post I wanted to go big with a legendary song and my take on the song and iconic music video. Enjoy

Through the graveyard

Emerging from the tombstones mist

Limping on loose limbs

Staccato zombies step

to a midnight symphony

A thriller no mortal can escape

Hunger grows

Their horrid faces moan with slim dripping down the chin

Her eyes frozen to witness the horrors taking place

She’s a fleeting image

With nowhere else to run but an dilapidated house

Their blood hunt intensifies

as the bloodless moon shines

Cornering their prey helpless

They see she’s ready for death

Skeleton hands grab her to take her on a dark fantasy flight

Awakened to normalcy

His towering image

a mirror without reflection

Faceless death

Consuls her from her fears

but you see he’s a dream weaver

creating nightmares from her memories

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