Keep it shut

McGruff put us up on game when it came to dealing with law enforcement. Who remembers watching him and seeing ads like these back in the day? Anyway, keep an eye out for some of those (cops) who are overzealous badged terminators, and keep ya mouth shut until it’s the proper time to speak.

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Some make it a routine to swallow their downpours The alleviation initially feels strong and great  However, relentless adversity will return with vigor  Coping mechanism will continue to be sought after But what happens when there’s no longer access to them?  Will you persevere through the turmoil or wither away into a state where despair […]

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Deep rest

What’s your thoughts on this? Leave it in the comments. Like and follow this blog so you can stay up to date with my future posts. I’ve got a poem/blog post in the works that should be published in the next two days, so stay tuned for that, anyway as always peace and keep it […]

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