Before you make any moves, get your paperwork ready. Don’t leave anything to chance if you happen to run – in with officials. Your head won’t be on a swivel once your prepared for when opportunities and potential problems come knocking. © TheRhymeRula

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With a logical strategy, life’s perplexities can be solved like a game of Sudoku. Satisfaction is inevitable when you can learn to find the correct solutions to unfulfilled goals.   © TheRhymeRula

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Protect your peace against impractical movers. The people you call your friends can turn to adversaries who’ll do nothing more than to stab you in the front and back, and then finally claim the wound is no longer there because the pain is gone. – TheRhymeRula ©   These are my ThursdayThoughts due to not […]

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There are always two sides

QUICK UPDATE I’ve been working on another collaboration poem and look forward to posting that very soon. I’ve been also working on a short story I’ve written like 2 years ago but never knew where to go with it, and I think I do now. Anyways I hope to post it here when it’s finished. […]

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I usual post my Wednesdaywisdom every Wednesday, but it’s been a busy week for me, so this is my Wednesaywisdom/Thursdaythoughts. PEACE We all have the ample opportunity to present and promote what we want to pursue. As we begin our journey, doubt might enter our minds but forget that! We’re here on this platform and […]

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