We didn’t need a year like 2020 to humble us and the globe. It’s easier to claim to be something that you don’t act upon or have shown consistently. So, observe, listen, understand, and act accordingly. Remember you’ll always get back the energy you give out to someone. – TheRhymeRula “Be humble and never think […]

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Even the closest people in your life are unaware of the layers you’re not ready to unfold to them for them to see and understand. – TheRhymeRula

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Don’t start sh*t

“To the idle and small-minded person, gossip is sweet. It is funny how we are quick to share bad news about others. Even more shocking is the proclivity of some people to jump into any damaging story about another, and spread the tale”. – Unknown 

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Take them both

“Accept both compliments and criticism; it takes both sun and rain for a flower to grow. There are two sides to every coin and they contributed to making it whole.“ “There are always two contradicting sides of life and no matter how bad it may seem they all help us to become a better person. […]

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