Lost things

Lost and found, I hope you can resonate with this one Bewildered but don’t fret Backtrack to the begin Lost and gone, a worrisome dread  An act of kindness, a courteous deed,  Can bring back lost things with speed  Returning lost things, respite, but next time pay attention  Generous souls disregard the rapacious Starting over […]

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WTF is that?!

There once was a man with a plight,  He couldn’t get through his day quite right  He did his business at home never in public He was in such a bind His stomach was twisted and twined, So he shut his eyes, and took something to flush it out with all his might Everything went […]

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Starting Point

I can’t start  Words elude me There’s no way to be thoughtful with an empty brain  We all know the dead leave their feelings behind  I know it’s rough  Facing a foggy path but I keep going  Confrontations with the unknown No time to phone home It’s time to face the challenge alone Profiles replete […]

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Calling for the Real McCoy : The Story of Elijah McCoy (Black History 365)

Welcome readers, Give it up to Elijah McCoy the real McCoy. Well, maybe.  McCoy was an inventor who held 57 United States patents, most of them coming from the railways. His inventions, which were not groundbreaking outside the field of steam engines, were so associated with high quality and excellent function that people began saying […]

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