An infinite spiral

Those days When time quickly keeps ticking, The clock carries new dreams and stories to unfold Every hour for the unafraid, Replacing everyday laws to acknowledge those that troubled the still blue waters, Thrashing in the throes of death they are unchained to make a change, Consumed by woes manifest and it grows hard for […]

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Connected to wondrous worlds of free expression, Craving much needed comprehension to the circling nonsense, but he can’t be greedy because there are still naive minds to this horrid vision of everyday hate His knees have become exhausted holding the weight of solidarity in the presence of bigotry And still he remains in the same […]

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Before you make any moves, get your paperwork ready. Don’t leave anything to chance if you happen to run – in with officials. Your head won’t be on a swivel once your prepared for when opportunities and potential problems come knocking. © TheRhymeRula

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With a logical strategy, life’s perplexities can be solved like a game of Sudoku. Satisfaction is inevitable when you can learn to find the correct solutions to unfulfilled goals.   © TheRhymeRula

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