The African Green Gold

Mother nature takes no breather Challenges are enforced daily Rain drops shimmer Tasting and swallowing old earth for new if only it was true The rain falls hard On bare ground, Intoxicating the air with new smells But will Mother Nature continue to allow the birds to sing with a feathery flame? Or for frogs […]

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Desert crossroads

The war for everyday survival has a new playground, In the past he found being surrounded by light as a blessing but now life is a burning gift in swollen darkness His dark cloak wraps his languished bones The desire to continue to reach the end of survival in time has his hunger for victory […]

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Play on

“If music be the food of love, play on. Give me excess of it.” – Shakespeare Everyday is a new tune Exuding a different energy with every new instrumental Permitted to be greedy for auditory bliss And for that moment… Starving love is silenced no more

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Flow forever deep

I return to the basics, 101, My pen dictating the release of a caged hurricane Ingesting anger and pain as an appetizer We walk in each others path Anticipating who will budge first and in which direction, I’d rather accept and shiver at the cold truth Then receive warmth from “cozy” lies, It was H.E.R […]

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Lived through

A reader has lived through thousands of lives before he or she dies. – George RR Martin Chapter after chapter New scenarios New scenery New characters identified The plot grips your mind until the climax Genre defining authors Present them in volumes, and some in standalone masterpieces Awards given due to the stories merit But […]

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Vividly versatile

Fresh footsteps focused on good Gripping tight onto a lighter Determined to see flames flicker until dawn ever so gently My sights satisfied between the stars My brief regrets lost in the rain Remaining tardy for the rising sun But on time to witness its temporary escape for me to give thanks Every season tiny […]

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