Once it’s all over

Silence falls suddenly And fog shrouds a friendship My hands are covered in splinters from gripping onto the final brittle straws Our loudest words lost in a thunderstorm Searching for ways to reconcile the blaring drama, As a new day begins Sunshine beams my focus onto Snakes in the grass caressed by deceit, Entering the […]

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Something in me died

The night is strange and cold with strong winds that stir the will for me to survive but my fears run rampant for the unknown I guess something died in me something once beautiful my heart weeps  unashamedly Years past without relief I no longer seek old passions and this dusk loathes me just as […]

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Look for more

Straight down the rabbit hole I must wonder how far I’ve fallen off my path Lost without any latitude or longitude The truth sticks to my skin like dry leaves on concrete after a storm Thump, thump, colliding of course If only Alice would’ve warned me how painful it could be Keep ya head up […]

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A passionate rebel against the norms An architect for anarchy Ashes coat manicure nails The last visible remnant of her femininity remaining A present challenger fighting for a better future

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Switching directions on the map Sights elevated onto a new plateau Thousands of feet above a grounded sanctuary I could hear untold passions whispered Quivered breaths Of excitement Of anxiety Our dimensions altered under rigid glass An exhilarated child hopped on that glass to test its strength But I stood tall staring at blue moonlight […]

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They see you now

The truth that is buried by lies will eventually find the strength to rise to the surface. It may take time, but time is all the truth needs to break free with its revelation. – TheRhymeRula Man, I can think of endless adjectives to describe the powerful and poignant Netflix miniseries “When they see us” […]

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The African Green Gold

Mother nature takes no breather Challenges are enforced daily Rain drops shimmer Tasting and swallowing old earth for new if only it was true The rain falls hard On bare ground, Intoxicating the air with new smells But will Mother Nature continue to allow the birds to sing with a feathery flame? Or for frogs […]

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