Study the struggle Tests need to be completed Triumph through seasons Photo Credit – Francesco Ungaro

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Return to the foundation

Some say the game of basketball evolved  In some ways it has  But the foundation revolved around the fundamentals  Which were essential The game ain’t the same A new claim to fame is beyond the three-point line You’re big, go for a higher percentage! Use what is most effective for success Don’t settle for what’s […]

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silent spin

Start where you are  Use what you have  Do what you can  To the best of your ability Concentrate on your silent spinning world  Because the best creations happen in serenity

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Troll, Troll Everywhere

I’ve recently read an article on internet “trolls” and that’s what this blog post and free verse poem is about, so I hope you enjoy it. Comment if you would like to chime in because I know almost all of us have experienced an internet “troll”. Link to article below Welcome readers,  Our everyday […]

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Small Details

Focus on the smallest details  Of this repeating world we live in The people we cross by every single day But which we have never met before And the things we have seen  But never really saw before  So fill your thoughts with only a grateful state of worthiness And tomorrow will not be just […]

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