Low doses

Hormesis – Gaining positive effects from exposure to low doses of something that is otherwise negative at higher doses.  Nature’s balance held true  A low gentle dose  Hormesis brings forth revitalization

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WTF is that?!

There once was a man with a plight,  He couldn’t get through his day quite right  He did his business at home never in public He was in such a bind His stomach was twisted and twined, So he shut his eyes, and took something to flush it out with all his might Everything went […]

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Cold Instruments

Cold instruments drill Creating fearful vibrations, Nervous smile,  Open wide For the clatter off the drill To collide with a surprise A pain you’ll always recognize  Don’t fret the pain will subside Well, maybe… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Hit that like button if you’ve enjoyed what you read, and the follow one too, so you can stay up […]

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