WTF is that?!

  • Welcome readers, you can a make a poem about pretty much anything right? Well check this one out. I don’t know if this poem would be considered a Limerick but that’s what I was going for, so hit that like if you enjoyed it, and give the page a follow so you stay up to date with my future posts. I am because we are, that’s Ubuntu. As always, peace and keep it real.

There once was a man with a plight, 

He couldn’t get through his day quite right 

He did his business at home never in public

He was in such a bind

His stomach was twisted and twined,

So he shut his eyes, and took something to flush it out with all his might

Everything went bright once he opened his eyes 

Getting vertigo sitting down? 

Finished but frustrated 

He quickly stood up, WTF is that ringing sound!?

A hypochondriac he checks WebMD

AKA the cyberspace morgue

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